At least one person besides me, not living with mad desire waiting for the time when you can move to the United States. I met him today.

Finally I got my first check in college (because this sour pineapple my people) and went today to open my first bank account in Canada. Unfortunately, having a US passport, everyone joins me gringos. I try to always make a difference, but to explain the complicated colonial relationship Puerto Rico is not something that comes easily in casual conversation.

The boy who greeted me at the bank, a native of India, asked me directly if I liked Canada United States. When you say yes, I gave passage to be unburdened. He started talking about how he did not like the United States and as he had 3 brothers who lived there and went badly with health insurance because they had no money to have a good insurance.He also told me how she felt very conscious of their skin color every time I went to visit his brothers; told me that in five days in the United States felt discomfort with your skin has not felt in seven years living in Canada.

Apart from his tirade, he was most curious to me was a story that made me. According to him, one of those times you went to visit his brothers and went through the border, a guard asked him if he had plans to stay in the United States, to which he replied, ‘Are you crazy? What will I do in America? No sir. I live in a wonderful country called Canada. There is nothing for me in America. “He says the guard was surprised but that he did not give any shame left him well because, after all, your home is in Canada.

Perhaps his vision of Canada is flawed, like that of thousands of immigrants from developing countries who go to a developed country and found some advantages that they had in their native places. However, this is a person who can compare directly their experiences with those of their brethren who live across the border. And at least as to what skin, I can support him because at no point, though I have little time here, I have been “self conscious” of my brown skin or my Hispanic name. However, while I lived in Tennessee, the discomfort in my skin and in my name were constant throughout the year and a half that I was there.