At the end of every year I often make a list of my favorite books in the year but last year 2014 I couldn’t do that because my account was hacked. And as people often say: Better late than never, so today you will know my favorite books of 2015.

1. “Every day, every hour” , Natasa Dragnic

“Every day, every hour”

The Croatian author presents a love story manual, two childhood friends, Dora and Luka, which are separated and reencuetran past year.The book’s title reminds some verses of Neruda, and gives your pages a poetic perfume, the same with the story that surrounds Dragnic. “Every day, every hour” is the first novel of this writer, but has already been published in thirty countries.

2. “Distant Hours” Kate Morton

Morton has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his novels in Spain, and about 8 million worldwide. Australia has become a publishing phenomenon with its Victorian novels, a mix of historic and romantic story. This time, he takes us to the world of Edie Burchill, a woman who investigates the past of her mother after she receives a lost letter for years …

3. “The Garden of spells” Sarah Addison Allen

“The Garden of spells”

The story is set in a small North Carolina town where magic and legends are part of everyday life. Readers who have already traveled the pages say the story follows the trail of novels such as “Chocolat,” “Like Water for Chocolate” and “Fried Green Tomatoes”. If you liked the previous ones, perhaps you should try the “apple” of Sarah Addison Allen.

4. “Tiramisu Ron” Milly Johnson

Again a history of adults who see their childhood fantasies fade away with time. The protagonists of this recipe are four friends who could well be the antithesis of the gang of “Sex and the City”. Their lives are not as idyllic as they had hoped, until one of them decides to gather his friends and fight for the future exciting and romantic one day dreamed.

5. “The most beautiful love story of Paula Cortazar” Antonio Gomez Rufo

“The most beautiful story …”

Daniel is a Spanish soldier who falls into a coma after being injured by a bomb in Afghanistan.After undergoing a facelift, it becomes an attractive man who suddenly are opened many doors. But not all joys: When Daniel wakes up, it does become a child without memories. Paula, his girlfriend, will face for him a manipulative traps and mediated society.

6. “Tonight tell me you love me” of Federicco Moccia

Moccia needs no introduction among lovers of contemporary romantic tales. This time, the story of Tancredi, a rich young and bright that refuses to fall in love, and Sofia, a promising pianist who is forced to leave her career to care for her boyfriend in a wheelchair after an accident. As usual, the Italian crossed the destinies of two characters living in different worlds, but unknowingly seeking the same thing …

7. “Carried by the sea,” Nora Roberts

The author tells the story of Cameron, a young adventurer who likes living on the edge. So you have to go home to say goodbye to his father and Seth undertake a foster child by his father. During his stay, his fate intersects with Anna, an attractive social worker looking for a good home for the child. Nora Roberts is one of the most prolific authors of the romantic past decade.

8. “Revenge” by Sara Shepard


The successful creator of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ returns with a story featuring the four girls Popular United States Rosewood. Romances, disputes and mysteries of this group of adolescents that they look good girls had much pull from his first delivery MTV soon shoot a television series inspired by the characters of Shepard.

9. “The concubine of Rome,” Kate Quinn

Intrigue, ambition and desire in a novel set in Rome in the first century AD Emperor Domitian in love with Thea, the slave of a woman who tries to seduce him. But Thea, in turn, is in love with Arius the Barbarian, a gladiator who has earned the respect of the eternal city for its brutality in the sand. A typical story of love crossed in which everyone has something to lose.

10. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

This is a great novel and you shouldn’t miss it. Read or download the novel at girl on the train pdf.