Today I return to talk about a book of pizzas, in this case it is My Pizza“, the latter which has passed through my hands, and also the first that I include in this blog which is not written in the language of Cervantes. To tell the truth, best books of pizzas I think that they are all foreign, and much to our regret, at least all the books I’ve read on pizzas, there is none written by any Cook or Spanish writer to be saved.


This book could be considered a continuation of his first book, a huge success, which is called “My Bread” (you can download ebooks on virtual library) which was with which became famous Jim Lahey, who is the author. The basic message transmitting Jim, in his books, is the technique of mixing the dough without kneading, very easily, and is very well especially for beginners.

In addition to writing books, good Jim has a pizzeria in New York City that should be pretty good and should have enough recognition. The site is called Co. and I believe that together with Roberta’s and the mythical Lombardis, are three pizzerias that I’m going to go on my next trip to NY [last updated: these are the sites that I recommend in New York]. I take this opportunity to ask you, if anyone has a recommendation from some place to go in New York, who tell me in this post, I’ll be you eternally grateful.


Well, obviously we will now put a little with the book that has about 80 recipes of all kinds: normal pizzas, pizza without sauce, in addition to sauces, soups, salads and desserts. The recipes are very simple, almost until the end. Often tend to prepare pizzas with one or two ingredients main and ready and also normal ingredients that we have everyone at home.

The truth that liked me this book, and therefore recommend it. I think that it is fine to give ideas and in addition tOdes pizzas can be made perfectly. In the coming weeks will publish recipes that I prepared this book and the truth that were very well!


Well, as always, I leave you with the sites where you can find this book, although in this case to be in English, there are no more places apart from Amazon that I have ever seen.