21 películas románticas no tan conocidas ideales para ver en el cumple mes

Are you one of those who loves romantic film? Or rather hate them but you are bound by your pololo or polola? Or are simply bored of seeing The Notebook every month? It considering how easy that is to watch 123 movies online on putlocker, secure that see some is one of your favorite (and most economical) scenarios to pass the compliance month, so here I bring you 21 not so well known films of different genres and for all tastes, so you was a little thing but do not forget the main thing: romance, and also I want to recommend my favorite website to watch movies online free, it’s movie2k, you should try it.

To love and be happy:

Like crazy (Like Crazy), 2011

Two university students, her British and American, they fall in love when they are studying in Los Angeles, California, but she stays longer in the United States and violate their visa, so it is forbidden to return to the country. But young people believe that perhaps the distance will not be a big problem… Oops, have to do it. It has mostly positive reviews and it participates Anton Yelchin, Felicity Jones and Jennifer Lawrence.

The art of pass of all (The Art of Getting by), 2011

A romantic movie with a good vibe indie? Here you have it. Freddie Highmore plays a lonely and pessimistic teenager who is trying to spend the last year in school, when he meets Sally (Emma Roberts), a girl popuar some address changes it. It had mixed reviews and is perfect for those who want a story with fed up reflection.

In the light of the Moon magic (Magic in the Moonlight), 2014

This romantic comedy is nice and simple, for those who want something light. Colin Firth is an Englishman who travels to Paris to expose an alleged scam that claims to be a cynical, but meets a beautiful Emma Stone and several dilemmas. It has mostly positive reviews and is the last film of the famous Woody Allen.

Ruby Sparks, 2012

Calvin is a novelist who begins to write a shoulder on the fictitious woman of his dreams, Ruby.When the day following Ruby becomes a real can’t believe what they are seeing, but begin a simple relationship together: If the thing doesn’t work, the only thing you need to do is to write what you want to do Ruby. This film starring Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan has mostly positive reviews.

Flipped 2010

Juli trees, chickens and Bryce Loski likes, but he believes that it is rare. Everything changes when children reach eighth grade and Bryce begins to see things in Juli who likes them. However, the girl now believes that Bryce is a guy that is empty. This film has mixed criticism and is a beautiful and innocent love story.

Moonrise Kingdom, 2012

This film by Wes Anderson follows two children who fall in love and decide to flee their small city to be together, so all are mobilized to find them, putting the place feet arribas. If you want to enjoy a visual feast, this is the movie indicated, that has rave reviews.

A matter of time (About Time), 2013

Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams star in this beautiful romantic movie, in which a 21-year-old girl discovers that you can travel back in time and change things that happened in his life. But the romance seems the best is not to. It has mostly positive reviews and mix comedy with drama, making a perfect love movie.

The good side of things (Silver Linings Playbook), 2012

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper together, could be better? After being interned in a mental institution, Pat moved with his parents and tries to reconcile with his ex-wife. But didn’t know that it would have a greater challenge: Tifanny, a young mysterious and full of problems. The film has very positive reviews and allowed Jennifer Lawrence to win an Oscar for best actress. This is one of those movies that leave you teachings, so love it promise you.

Midnight in Paris (Midnight in Paris), 2011

A successful Hollywood screenwriter (Owen Wilson) will travel to Paris with the family of his fiancée (Rachel McAdams), but somehow ends up every night in the 20s age parisiana scene. In love with the city, you want to move there, but his fiancée is resisting. It has very positive reviews and won an Oscar.

Submarine (2010)

Oliver Tate is a young man with 15 years, a good heart and an objective: losing virginity before her birthday. When a girl shows interest in him, decided that it will be the best world pololo. The film has positive reviews and its soundtrack was made by Alex Turner, the leader of the Arctic Monkeys.

To cry to death:

The Great Gatsby (The Great Gatsby), 2013

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan, this adaptation of the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald introduces you to Jay Gatsby, a man of mysterious and rich American socialites of the years 20s, who goes in search of the love that failed in his youth. The film is good but not corny, received generally positive reviews and was nominated for two Academy Awards.

Here and now (The Spectacular Now), 2013

Pay attention that loved to Shailene Woodley on bass the same Star: see this movie. A young man (Miles Teller) who lives partying, is an alcoholic and has no plan for their future. But after losing his girlfriend, he meets Aimee, a different and pleasant girl who dreams of the future. It has very good reviews and is an excellent film.

Never leave me (Never Let Me Go), 2010

In a dystopian future, three friends (Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield) grow in a boarding school without knowing the terrible reality that awaits them when adult. To realize his reality, cling to what they have: the love that you have, forming a love triangle. It is a very sad but cute, film that blends romance, drama and science fiction, with mostly positive reviews.

Jane Eyre, 2011

This film is for those who want to suffer no more, and for those who enjoy the more obscure works.MIA Wasikowska plays classic of English literature, Jane Eyre, heroin while Michael Fassbender is her Mr. Rochester. After a traumatic childhood, Jane enters to work as a governess in the home of a wealthy and mysterious man. The relationship with your boss is slowly changing and appear its dark secrets. It has mostly positive reviews and was nominated for an Oscar Award.

Always the same day (One Day), 2011

The relationship of Dexter and Em is quite unclear… see them from the night of his graduation to the present, always on the same day every year, while developing their lives and their relationship.They are sometimes together that day, sometimes not, we’ll find out. It has mixed criticism and is starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess… and is actually very good.

Anna Karenina, 2012

The director Joe Wright takes his greatest Muse, Keira Knightley, returned to the big screen, this time playing the Russian Aristocrat Anna Karenina. At the end of the 19th century, Karenina engages in an adulterous relationship with Alexei Vronsky (Jude Law), which will change your life forever. The film has mostly positive reviews, won an Oscar Award and is based on the eponymous novel by Leo Tolstoy.

To be nervous:

A place of refuge (Safe Haven), 2013

If the typical romantic films are not yours and love thrillers, you’ll like this film. Julianne Hough plays a young woman who comes to a small town in North Carolina, fleeing from a dark past that does not want to relive. But even if you try to go unnoticed, love finds it. It received mixed reviews but is of those movies that even though they are romantic, as you get nervous and make you scream QUEEEEEE.

All good things (All Good Things), 2010

Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst star in this story of love and crime-based murder mystery not most famous son of New York. David Marks was accused of killing his wife who disappeared in 1982, but it was never proven the crime. However, the truth is eventually revealed… The film has mixed criticism and combines the genres of drama, romance, crime and mystery.

My life now (How I Live Now), 2013

This film perhaps not taste at all because it includes a romance not very accepted, but worth watching it. It is starring Saoirse Ronan, who plays an American teenager who is sent to England to stay with relatives when broke out a war, which separates it from his new love. It has mostly positive criticism, but if you or your partner, it bothers you a relationship of incest, you better choose another.

A love between two worlds (Upside Down), 2012

This love story is conducted on a planet composed of two opposite worlds, each with its own gravity and rules. Adam (Jim Sturgess) and Eden (Kirsten Dunst) fall in love deeply when teenagers, despite being part of opposite worlds. Ten years later they are forced to separate and Adam embarks on a dangerous journey to return to his beloved. It has mixed criticism and stunning graphics.