The game by cheap escorts in london became fashionable among young Colombians but quickly spread to other places thanks to news of minors who had been pregnant.

The game consists in that several boys bed is next to one another while the girls are laying over in search of insight. By turns, they are rotating as if it were a roulette. Lost the guy who first ejaculates.

Besides, these games have different modalities: in some cases a group of guys practice it with a single girl, a single guy with several girls or a large group of young people of both sexes. And on many occasions, in these practices the use of condoms not be consent.

Clarín explains that the dangers of such games are not only pregnancy of minors that have already taken place in several countries.

Young people are not really aware of the danger that have the sexually transmitted diseases, which in games like this is much easier that they transmit.

The game has not taken to cross the ocean and reach countries such as Spain, where the police has clarified that record of these activities there is no since when relations between minor but consented, there is any complaint by this practice.

Doctors warn that the practice of such games can lead to the spread of syphilis, hepatitis or HIV.