Marry in spring offers many possibilities. The time and the spring colors are the protagonists to leave a wedding at this time round.

In this post we are going to give some ideas and tips to organize your wedding in Gloriamar in spring, with few guests. It is not that you can plan a themed wedding around this station, but include things like colors, flowers and the weather to give you a charm and a special touch to your big day.

FotorCreated ceremonia

1. the ceremony.
If you decide to celebrate in our restaurant you have two possibilities, either inside the Vancouver wedding patio or on the terrace , or, if you prefer and you weather you can do the ceremony on theBeach. We recommend making wedding day if you going to be held in the spring, will have a more natural light.


2. banquet. Based on a few guests wedding, n our restaurant offers you two options depending on the number of guests, well cocktail reception or seated at tables, we adapt to you. As for the menuyou want, get in touch with us, tell us what idea you have and send you several possibilities for your perusal.5

3. decoration of the tables. Get married in spring offers a wealth of possibilities of colors and flowers for the centerpieces. In the photos we give you some ideas.


4 invitations and gifts. It is very important that each one of the things that make up the event are in relationship, whether it’s a wedding in spring as it is the case, the invitations and the details that will give attendees to the ceremony must accompany the theme.FotorCreated invitaciones

  • Some examples of invitations:

Details and gifts for the guests:

FotorCreated detalles invitados

5. decorative details: we refer to the details that make your wedding as a photocall more special so the guests have fun and take a souvenir. The layouts of the guests, a sweets table or a bottle with messages for the newlyweds…


They colors that accompany you in spring are warm and pastel tones.
The flowers of this era are: anthuriums, Bouvardillas, Crocus, Snowdrop, sunflowers, Isis, Lylis, daffodils, thoughts, herbaceous plants, roses, tulips and violetsthis type of decorative elements are essential if you want a wedding with charm.