Already do online video advertising is not only reserved for major advertisers. Distribution and production costs have dropped so much that even a small SMEs cannot afford to opt to advertise their company by this between innovator and differentiator. I present 10 reasons to do so.

Video advertising is probably one of the formats and trends that more growth will have in 2011. Not my work is based on no study but on pure intuition. The market is evolved so favorably that any company of any size can promote in this way. Here are 10 reasons to try something different and make online video advertising.

1. more clicks per 1000 impressions: based on statistics of the campaigns that we launched with Coguan, the videobanners tend to have between 50 to 100% more clicks on average. So the video isa more effective format because the user perceives it as something more entertaining than a “normal” banner.

2. very good value for money: as I said before, prices have fallen significantly as well as the available inventory. When earlier paid a minimum of $ 5 (excluding the cost of ad server) by CPM, today companies like Coguan that you offer it from a price of 1.50 Euros including technological cost.

3. greater level of interactivity: the video format allows a higher level of interaction. E.g. could be integrated steps where the user decides on the continuation of the video or a collection of data at the end of the transmission to see the end of the video, or get another type of response.

4. create emotions and connect: a video allows you to connect better with the user because they are more useful to convey emotions. To sell the trust is key that can be achieved in this way.

5. the images speak louder than words: If this is true for images can understand even better than a video of a wider margin to convey messages, emotions, or the use of a product. The combination of product and the emotions that create the person tend to be very powerful selling tools.

6 differentiate yourself from the competition: If your competition is only advertised on search engines and makes a bit of display advertising You can differentiate between doing something different. The video is used by relatively few companies but this window of opportunity to be one of the first will be closing gradually seen the benefits.

7 create a viral marketing: before we enchufábamos a video on Youtube and hoped to create a viral marketing. Today the video advertising is an additional channel of distribution that allows to reach a target audience choosing a specific audience through marketplaces such as the Coguan.

8. synergies with other channels: if it’s a large advertiser already being advertised on television synergies can be created using the TV spot also online. Seen that Internet allows us to better measure the interaction of the video with the user We can also improve the effectiveness of ads on television.

9 production cost low: If you’re an advertiser SMEs or micro-enterprise You can also make online video advertising. Everyone has a mobile phone that allows you to record videos. “Home” videos are authentic but 100% professional are not carried out in a manner. Authenticity is the key to build trust, which is the basis of the sale.

10. greater branding impact: a video draws more attention. We capture the attention for about 20 to 30 seconds the user. Reminder of a brand, product or company level is therefore higher than in a less interactive banner. The effect of branding for advertisers is greater.

Online video advertising and corporate video production Calgary allow a branding at a lower cost than even an SME may be allowed. What are the advantages that see you in advertising with this interactive medium?