The organic SEO or SEO positioning( also called référencement in French), began to be known at the beginning of the 21st century, with the explosion of internet and the massive use that people began to make the large search engines. After spending more than one decade since Google became the big search engine used by almost all of the “West”, internet has already surpassed the 50,000 million pages indexed. Thus, doubling the number of web pages indexed by the search engine during the past two years. This explosive expansion, has become to the internet a medium with a fierce competitiveness. Which is why, every time is more important that web pages have not only a good design but also a good SEO optimization, because only those companies that implemented a consistent and intensive,positioning and Web optimization techniques will be able to stand out above your competition consistently.

But then, what is SEO? SEO marketing online? Search Engine Optimization or search engine optimization is the process of constant improvement of the visibility of a website in the search engines for organic or natural. A process that is carried out by hand, working both in the external environment and internal Web environment.

Are there experts in SEO?

Posicionamiento SEO - Empresa experta en SEO y optimización WebAs in any other area of work, Web positioning, also there are experts.And to honor the truth, there are many types of experts in SEO, because as it says the the popular “each maestrillo has its booklet”. Some are experts in internal optimization, others on creating quality content, experts in selection of keywords and SEO experts in acquisition of links.

As you have seen, there are several branches that an SEO expert should cover, and the truth is that it is very difficult to find an expert in SEO that it dominates all these branches to perfection. Moreover, it is normal to findSEO professionals that they are doing everything but they are very good at one or the other. And if at this point, all this seems little, these characteristics that a good SEO should have, the work of optimisation of the internal contents of a web is is joining him increasingly to social networks.

What is Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO?

¿Influye el Kharma en el Posicionamiento Web? Once explained that it is the SEO, it is right and necessary to explain that, as in every industry and sector in the SEO also there are good and bad professional practices. Naturally, everyone wants to appear on the first result on the first page of Google, and this has been causing the emergence of practices that we could qualify as Spam.

It is called Black Hat SEO those techniques used by SEO professionalswhose sole purpose is to deceive the search engines to achieve the first position of Google. On the other hand, is called White Hat SEO to those followed by experts in SEO techniques that are within the limits that marked the search engine editorial guidelines.(See Publishing Google for Web Masters guide)

What characteristics have a good SEO?

After 4 years of experience learning and improving my knowledge in the world of SEO have come to various conclusions about what should be the characteristics of a good SEO. These are personal opinions, with which anyone can be at odds, but in my opinion they are essential:

  • A good SEO expert must live in State BETA: functional and empirical research is the daily bread of any SEO that intends to make his career rather prosperous. To carry out a continuous improvement process is necessary to try different things and apply those that actually work.
  • The good SEO should be a constant learning appetite: think that this feature is applicable to any good professional, because in times in which we live never leave out new things that largely deny or diminish the importance of the above. But in the case of the professional SEO, the appetite for learning must be a daily constant that is repeated as the eating or drinking. Read articles and books written by other experts, attend gatherings with colleagues and make your profession a hobby and an obsession, are the best recipes for success.
  • A good SEO professional must also be a good writer: It is essential to achieve the attraction of reader.Therefore it is not only necessary to write well. Write without mistakes and grammatical errors, but also do it attractively and clearly. Because at the end, for a player, the decision between clicking on the first or second result will depend on what holder or description becomes more attractive and relevant.
  • A SEO must always have an analytical perspective: SEO is based on constant and methodical apply different techniques of analysis that will show us what should be the approach we must follow when optimizing a website. Both from the point of view of competition analysis, the analysis of incoming Web traffic and the analysis of navigation that users carry out when users visit our website. All of this is necessary to know that changes must be applied.
  • The good SEO is the one who has experience and is honest and has ethics: unfortunately ethics and honesty are two practices that increasingly seem to be less fashionable. However, from my humble point of view they are as essential as experience. These three characteristics make up a triangle virtuous that it can only generate benefits. If your SEO expert possesses these qualities it can be quiet, the evolution of your website will be on the right track. Perhaps not as quickly as you expected, but at least you will have the security that the constant updates of Google’s algorithm are not caught unprepared or penalize your website by having been doing SPAM activities. Time always gives the reason who walks with a firm step.

What is it that makes a good SEO professional?

  • Previous consulting SEO website: this analysis should contain four aspects. 1) current situation of websearch engines. (2) study of the most important SEO aspects within their website. (3) study of the situation in which the competition. (4) study of the most relevant keywords for the Web page in question.
  • Internal site optimization: once done SEO consultingwork, starts to work in the Online optimization of the site. Based on the data previously studied and optimized each page of the website.
  • External optimization: development of a strategy for generation of Backlinks, (links that point to your web page). While at the same time is continues to create quality content on the web.
  • Results measurement: analysis of the data generated by a Manager to your web statistics and the evolution of the position of the website in the search engines for those keywords selected.
  • Return to begin: rethinking of the ideas found in the Web consulting. Emphasis on those aspects which have room for improvement and new keyword search.

How to hire a SEO expert?

As once said William Shakespeare: “honesty is the best policy, if I lose my honor I miss myself. And what I mean by this phrase is when you go to hire an SEO you do it by your knowledge and experience, but also for its seriousness and candor.

Having said that, there is nothing that I can tell you that it won’t you tell Google, so here I leave the link in which the big search engine gives tips on things that ask when hiring an SEO expert. And if you want to contact us, do not hesitate, we are happy to work with your company.