We all know that smartphones are not a simple phone.

In them we can download applications, read the mail, to have our list of contacts, personal documents, documents of work, important notes, photos and plenty of information that, at any given time, can commit ourselves if we the device is stolen or if they installed some application that is dedicated to instant checkmate review all that stored information to us, and not at all pleasant, quite the opposite. They are the so-called “spyware”.

But how do you know if someone has installed on your device that kind of programs?. From iPhoneA2 we want to teach you how to detect if your iPhone has been or is being handled by third parties without your consent.

How to know if a program I have spyware on my iPhone

No one better than you know your device, so if you notice that suddenly starts to make “strange things”, it could be that you had a so-called spies program installed on it.

While many of these programs claim to be undetectable, there is a way to know if your iPhone is sending information to someone else and that can know it with the illumination of the device without coming to story.

We already know that notifications illuminate the screen when we receive them, but if you’re with the fly behind the ear, we recommend that for a while, you loading that function, in such a way that if you see that the device illuminates without coming to the point, it is certainly because it is sending information from your iPhone to the person who installed the program.

Also if you find that when you go to turn it off, it takes much more that what did normally, could be that you had installed such programs (is very similar to when you have a Trojan on your computer).

Fully charged iPhone and let it idle a few hours, you can do so at night when going to sleep. You will know that something doesn’t work well if when you wake up you see that the battery’s charge has reduced considerably.

That means that the program has been working and sending information, so obviously your device battery is exhausted.

It also controls the invoice of your phone operator. When you hire the mobile services, you have a limit of data varies depending on the company to which you belong. If you see on the invoice that you’ve gone and enough in sending data and you sure that this is impossible because you have not used this service to power on pass the rate you have contracted, it is possible that someone has installed you one of these programs.

Another way to detect if your iPhone is being handled is looking at the menu bar. Only you know the icons that you have in it, so if you suddenly see an icon that seem strange and you do not have installed any application that generates that icon, could be the icon of the program spyware.

Although these indications we can help you to detect if they have installed you any program spy on the iPhone, you have to know that those who are engaged in this, increasingly spin thinner, making often very difficult to know exactly if your device has been or is being handled, so if you remember having left your iPhone lately someone , or you left it at home or you’ve lost sight on occasion of it and as you said at the beginning you start to notice that it makes “weird stuff”, you should know that possibly you have installed yourself one of those programs.

And surely, if happened to you or you are taking at the moment you’re wondering what you can do right?.

Well, the best thing you can do in these cases is to restore the iPhone as if it were a new one, but you know what that means, you will lose all data stored in it so far.

This is the only case in which I am not going to advise that you install the backup, since possibly that copy is included the spyware and you’d come back to be in the same.

Resetting the device as if it was a new one that cause is to clear everything, and when we say everything is everything!, including the program that is bringing so many headaches.

And now finally, if we accept a tip, we will tell you to use security code to access your device while you seem annoying to have to enter it every time you access it.

We are sure that this simple annoyance, if you have ‘sensitive’ information on your device it will not so much if you calculate the risks to which you are exposed.

Nor let your device to other people without being your present while they manipulate it.

So if you suspect that someone is having access to your personal information, do not hesitate and reset to factory values, we believe that it is the best thing you can do.

Do you think that your iPhone is being handled by someone else?. Do you ever seen you in this situation? Do you know another way to detect if the device is being handled.?