“Circuit complete by Thailand 700 euros”. This was one of the baits used by ‘Feel Thailand, the online travel agency allegedly guilty of defrauding more than a thousand people who had contracted their services.

Under the ‘ Super offer 2011′claim, the digital business and seo bangkok offered to customers in Thailand vacation packages.



The price of complete services offered was 1,600 euros, but the client had the option of searching on your own flight and 900, is deducted so the trip with hotel, transport and tourist routes including stayed at 700 euros.

The Agency was run by the tarragonès Pedro Marti Alcantara, who earned the trust of their victims for being Spanish and being married to a Thai. Marti offered a deal friendly and close to its ‘clients’, which emphasize speed and efficiency by providing detailed information about the destination of your choice.

Silvia Stinga is one of those affected by this scam. Along with her boyfriend, I was planning a trip to Tailandia-Vietnam to August 9. The couple says that “Marti not generated mistrust because he was very attentive and the price wasn’t too cheap”. The secret of the farce resided on offer as well as other for intermediaries but with a much more careful attention.

STINGA explains that they initiated contact with Pedro Martí in January.Silvia and her boyfriend hired the ‘basic package’, and the travel agency offered them the option of paying an entry and the rest paid him upon his arrival in Bangkok. Thus, the losses of the couple amounted to 800 euros, so somehow are considered ‘lucky’ among the rest of those affected, whose losses exceed 1,000 euros per head.

According to the damnificada, 12 May was the deadline for making the bank transfer for all those interested in booking the trip. Marti Alcantara said when he received the money “in a few days would send them locators of the tickets and reservations for the hotels so that they could verify the data, but never returned to hearing”.

Silvia says that at no time questioned the reliability of the organization ‘Feel Thailand’ because on the web appeared details Pedro Marti and as you have seen, are true. Therefore, is convinced that the scam was not premeditated. “Pedro Martí was overflowing, with far more money than he had imagined and fled”, explains the affected.

According to police sources, the scam could exceed the 700,000 euros.The swindler, upon which rests a warrant of arrest, is missing.

Complaints to the company are multiplying every day and come from all parts of Spain, but they mainly come from Catalonia, Valencia, Madrid, Andalusia, Basque country and Tenerife.

Silvia Stinga says she and her partner to keep your trip on foot, since they had purchased tickets on their own, but that “this time they will organize it without any middleman.”

Previous distrust in the forums

There are many web pages in which users exchange their impressions about their travel, airlines, hotels, agencies, etc. ‘Feel Thailand’ was sold as a new company, and therefore generated some disbelief among its users.

In various forums, such as for example Tripadvisor.com, clients ‘Feel Thailand’, discussed the many ‘suspicious’ aspects of the Agency.

After inquiries from consumers themselves, some comments we learn that“the company did not appear on the civil registry”. A complete distrust by there is no previous references or reviews of any traveler who had enjoyed a ‘special offer’ like this can be seen in others. But without doubt, the sympathy and good treatment offering by Pedro Martí, along with the illusion that their victims had to make the trip, silenced any doubts.