In classical Rome prostitution was understood as a social good and necessary.

Which, no doubt, is the oldest profession in the world, was exercised in the capital of the Empire both by men and by women of different social rank. These sex workers offered their services following the sexual mores of a society as the Roman, where the biggest taboos were oral sex and montreal escorts and the fact of assuming the role of passive.

  • The brothels were an important social function.
  • Law in Rome was not intended to prostitutes because they violated no law , but these lacked certain privileges.
  • The Romans preferred the professionals of love, blonde, in imitation of German slaves and escort south east london.
  • Both the fellatio as the cunnilingus were considered degrading and repugnant practices and were the most expensive service.
  • The rent boys offered to practice oral sex to their clients.
  • The Empress Messalina he had fame sex addict and prostitute


Can be responsible for feeding the twins Romulus and Remuswas a prostitute rather than a Wolf, already the word lupanar(whose meaning was brothel) emerged in the Rome, own to root the term “magnifying glass” used to designate both the animal and the woman dedicated to such ex officio. TheRoman prostitutes, the lupae, developed its activities in the so-called brothels.

In ancient Roman society, the worst crime that could make a woman was adultery. Subject to the dictates of the pater families (head of household), this could divorce her if it was surprising it and to make it run.

On the contrary, spouses could take “a canita air” in the brothels, authentic brothels and nightclubs of Vice which, to a large extent, contributed to the relief of the lower sexual instincts, avoiding many infidelities.During that time, the undeniable social function of brothels or brothels, sometimes, was hiding in the temples, where priestesses, usually experienced dancers, exercised the sacred prostitution as a service to the gods, to claim his favors in offerings to the temple.

Already said it Cato the elder,

“It’s good that young people possessed by lust go to brothels instead of having to bother the wives of other men”

The brothels Romans were poorly ventilated and lighted and presented a cochambroso appearance.

In them, there was a reception area open to the street, separated by a curtain; inside, prostitutes dressed with gauze or bare moved to be able to be inspected by potential clients, or could be seated in chairs or armchairs.Each had a room furnished with a bed, either wood or brick. The women advertised are according to their specialty in the reception area. No stay available curtain or window by which the privacy has not cared too.


The prostitute was a hard life, when not desperate, as they were slaves or free women. The very wordprostitute comes from pro statuere, i.e. be placed forward, show. Brothels were dens of Vice, relatively cheap, which could access the middle classes. The rates that are charged for a service could amount to the of a drink at a tavern.

But the sex, too, had place in the streets, the arcades of the old theatres, or the baths, which become a promiscuous place to disappear the separation between sexes, even in cemeteries in the imperial age.

In the long run, it seems that many prostitutes were libertas, so not only would have earned enough to buy his freedom, but that remained in the once free trade. Others became madames and remained in the profession in an indirect way.

When the influx of German slaves long blond hairs excited the curiosity of the Romans, extended the habit distinguish the prostitutes by the color of their hair, being forced by law to wear blond wigs to differentiate themselves.

Law not persecuted Roman prostitutes because they violated no law, but these lacked certain privileges: they could not marry with free Romans(probrosae), and could not write Testament nor receive inheritance (infamia). However, the sexual licentiousness of the prostitutes was synonymous of disgrace ; in the middle of the 1st century its services began to be taxed so that they had to to pay a tax.

In addition to paying your taxes, prostitutes had to register in registers to offer its activity and even had its own annual holiday celebrated on December 23.


The verb fornicate comes from the so-called fornices, which were the cells where prostitutes used to its customers. The arcades of large public buildings also calls fornices, such as theatres and amphitheatres, were also a common meeting place.

Artistic samples from Pompeii provide graphic examples of what a prostitute had to offer. Acts considered by the general culture as touch display.

In the Roman world were certain distinctions among women engaged in this old profession;

  •  The shovel, which could not afford to choose, accept any that I could pay the demanded price,
  • the more refined prostitute was the delicatae, who gave his body to who she wanted,
  • the copae, were those that were offered in taverns or cauponas, and
  • the meretrix, say businesswoman who obtained the trade benefits.


Interior decoration of a lupanar at Pompeii

The cunnilingus and fellatio , even what we know as the 69 position, they implied oral contact and were considered dirty and degrading that a customer could order and practices therefore were better paid services.It also exercised in the street, places to sell well were markets and areas with public buildings because there were many potential customers there.
Leno was the pimp charged with maintaining order and charged a Commission for the service of the prostitute.

Evil tongues say that the third wife of Emperor Claudius,Messalina, had rented their own fornice with the pseudonym of Lycisca, serving prostitution to satisfy his voracious sexual appetite. Once has that Messalina, came to compete with another professional in a lupanar and that in only one day you fornicated with a few hundred men. Finished his day as a woman’s sex, it reverted to their imperial residence, but not before deliver the Commission due to the log.


Unlike ancient Greece, Rome , which had as concerning the Godpriapus of fertility, a large penis was considered a major sign of attraction and masculinity. Petronio, writer and the first third of the century Roman politician I, describes with admiration how a man with a huge penis in a public restroom sought meetings excited. Many Roman emperors have been satirizados by surrounded by men with big sexual organs.

Interestingly, in ancient sources are explicit testimony of the existence, also dubbed who, presumably, provided their services both to men and women. Around 200 A.d. There was a walkway where gathered the dubbed, specializing in active and passive roles.

The prestigious jurist Paulo, points out that a prostitute could be killed by a husband if this surprising him having sex with his wife. In fact, prostitutes Roman arrived to complain of competition posed to them these young rent boys, whose services were better paid by customers.

The statio cunnulingiorum, were the usual places where the protitutos were offered to practice oral sex to their clients.


The pimp was omnipresent. It (were of both sexes) organized, controlled and exploited the prostitutes.Known as Leno it is responsible for maintaining order and charged a service fee to each prostitute. He collected personally or as agent of a large wealthy investor part of revenues from a girl, at least one-third, but most likely more.

If given him room, clothing or food, prostitutes had to pay them out of your earnings. For providing their services, the girls charged very different prices. But usually were very low prices, around a quarter denarius.


As occurs today day, some of these women were forced to jump into the streets of the most depressed neighborhoods, as the of the Suburain Rome, and to compete with the refined luxury prostitutes.

The lowest class of Roman society also was dedicated to prostitution, so that the markets of slaves delivered to the citizens Roman Gladiators, menial servants and, in addition, accepting prostitutes. Many of the maids and domestic slaves maintained or they were forced to have sex with their masters, to the extent that the increase of birth outside the family worried about the Emperor Augusto, who promulgated laws against adultery. Unwanted pregnancies They were also resolved through abortifacient potions provided by the vagina, or, once the children are born, committinginfanticide or abandoning them.

The physical abuse by clients were common. The excess of sexual practices caused serious infections, particularly of the urinary tract, as well as vaginal and anal injuries.


Although prostitution was frowned upon in Rome, the brothels or brothels had an essential role and they multiplied in the cities of the Empire and, judging by testimonies that remain in the city of Pompeii, in sufficient numbers to meet the needs of the entire population.

It is estimated that in the first century of our era could be in Rome around 32,000 people practising prostitution.

Roman society sinned a considerable hypocrisy. The disdain he inspires prostitution remains today, while today, as in ancient Rome, it is society itself that demand such services.