Café verde y la obesidad

A study participants lost about 10% of their weight after six months of diet, exercise and grains unroasted

ABC-although we are accustomed to consuming it roasted, green coffee, or unroasted, can become a good option for those wishing todelgazar in a relatively short time period.

In a green coffee bean max reviews presented at the 243 annual meeting of the society American chemical, Dr. Joe Vinson and colleagues, of the University of Scranton (Pennsylvania), described how a group of people obese or overweight, which consumed green coffee beans every day for six months, managed to lose around 10% of their weight.

“Based on our results, take several capsules of extract of green coffee each day, provided that they join a diet low in fat and exercise regular, seems to be an effective, safe and inexpensive way lose weight”, explained Dr. Vinson during the meeting being held this week.

For research, they recruited 16 overweight people, aged between 22 and 26 years of age, who took capsules withextract of coffee and others with placebo, for 22 weeks. Participants alternated between low-dose (700 mg) andcafé verde a greater (from 1,050 mg) of extract and placebo, each for six weeks, to analyze the impact of different capsules in each person.

The calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins consumed did not change during the study nor the intensity of the workout.

Green coffee – less body fat

Participants lost an average of 7.7 kilos during the nearly six months lasting research, representing 10.5 percent of its total weight and 16 percent less bodyfat. The doctor Vinson warned that the weight loss was significantly faster if the participants had received placebo and one lower dose of extract of green coffee during part of the study.

The scientist said that preliminary investigations have already demonstrated the effectiveness of Las Mejores Pastillas para Adelgazar Rapido the green coffeeweight loss, but this is the first to use higher amounts of extract and measure the response to various doses.

The effect, according to Vinson, is due to a substance called chlorogenic acid , which is present in grains without toasting. The roasting give coffee its color, aroma and taste traditional, but makes that this substance is lost.