La primera imagen de «Cincuenta sombras más oscuras», con Jamie Dornan enmascarado

This is the aspect that looks the character of Christian Grey in the sequel to “Fifty shades of Grey”, to be released February 10, 2017, you are able to watch the trailer in HD at new putlocker movies.

Masked and Tuxedo. Thus we are presented Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) in the first image of ‘fifty most dark shadows”( you can read fifty shades darker pdf on our website), the sequel to ‘fifty shades of Grey» that will reach cinemas hovering near the day of Valentine from 2017.

The image is part of the first teaser for the sequel that Universal will launch together with the uncensored release of «fifty shades of Grey’ on DVD and Blu-Ray.

This appetizer comes just a few hours after Universal has announced the release date of the second and third part (‘fifty shadows released”), films that will complete the trilogy. The first of the two will arrive at cinemas February 10, 2017 and, a year later, on 9 February, will be the other.

«We are doing saga the Valentine’s event,» said the Executive from Universal Donna Langley in CinemaCon, taking place these days in Las Vegas.

E.L. James husband, screenwriter

At the moment unknown when will begin the filming of «Fifty most dark shadows», it is known, however, that Niall Leonard, the husband of the author of the trilogy, will be in charge of the libretto of the second installment.Thus they seem to fructify attempts to E.L. James by acquiring more control over the film franchise.

As the director, Universal will have to get your hands on to find the replacement for Sam Taylor-Johnson. The Director confirmed a few weeks ago that would not continue at the forefront of the aftermath.

In addition the study will also have to deal with the two stars of the saga, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, requiring an improvement following the success of the first installment desueldo.