The professionals you meet when preparing your wedding are often very different from those you meet every day. And the prices they post sometimes have enough to make jump: “But forquooooooooooooi ?! “.

Indeed, price differences between some, which offer the same service in appearance, are enormous. For wedding suppliers, it’s like everything: there’s entry-level, great luxury, and a lot of intermediate services.

Everything is always a matter of opportunity and choice. Of course, you really can not afford to hire a professional. Or prefer to put the money elsewhere. Or pick someone who gets the hand. 

But we can not demand the same results. The whole thing is to be conscious of it, so that you can make your choices in an enlightened way.

Ten days ago, on this subject, it is a florist  who explained to you his work and the prices that flow from it.

Today, it’s up to the photographer! It is Laurence, from * LEM * Photography , who takes the keyboard to address this subject that is angry. It comes to explain and detail everything that hides behind the price of a photographer.

As I walked on the blogs or the wedding forums, I noticed that a remark was rather recurrent: “The photographers? what to charge for your photography? They are so expensive (for what it is)! “.

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We shall endeavor to proceed by order.

1. Why take a pro photographer? Uncle Jules has a new camera (it must take beautiful pictures, a device like that).

For several reasons. Already, Tonton Jules is a guest, and he may want to participate in the party too. Page one great one focushesteronersssship. one oneardshipardshipe oneardship onemanshipes, one35au hearcamel one insti Je greatcraft3535353512hip00 oneards oneardship Website

Then, Tonton probably does not have the right professional material. We have, among other things, very sensitive targets, which allow us to photograph in dark places (churches), without using flashes that make the light more raw, and make shadows worn unsightly.

Then, Tonton may not master all the technical data related to the photo: light, speed, isos … OK. But in a back light? Too bad to have blurry pictures for an adjustment mismanaged …

And finally, Tonton Jules may have read the manual of his reflex, he does not have the experience of a professional. We have covered dozens of marriages, they all look more or less alike in the unfolding. We know when to be alert, when there will be a hollow moment, when we focus on you, and when on your guests. And we’re here for that. This is our job.

“Yes but it’s cheeeer! “

Ok, that’s where the rub is hurting, let’s try to explain. And maybe in the end you’ll agree that yes, it’s a budget, but no, it’s not expensive for what you get.

Already, let’s say that I’m talking about real pros. That is to say people whose principal activity is to keep them alive, who are in the business, who come to life, improve, and care to do their job well.

We see flourish everywhere amateurs, sometimes enlightened – but often not – who improvise pros, the time of the wedding season (“who make me all day for 200 €!”) And whose quality of work Is uncertain. (Not to mention the questionable moral value of this process.)

2. So what is the price of a photographer?

Let’s get things right now: it’s not a salary! It is a BRUTE entry of funds, the following expenses are deducted:

  • contributions
  • insurance
  • gasoline
  • Supplies (DVD, USB sticks, pouches, business cards)
  • Equipment (apparatus, lenses, lighting …) and its maintenance (cleaning, adjustments)
  • Computer hardware (computer, but also various software and their updates)
  • Accessories (for photobooth, boudoir sessions, newborn sessions …)
  • SEO (yes, it pays to be in a pro directory)
  • Collaborators (make-up artist, hairdresser, second shooteur)
  • One-time fees (on-the-go meals, hotel rooms for sessions)
  • Upgrade courses.

(That is, everything that is more or less paid by your boss, if you are employed.)

  • AND eventually, if a little remains, a SALARY, youhou! A salary for working hours, therefore, visible (shooting) … And invisible! (Moving, post-processing of photos – which double or even triple shooting hours -, gallery layout, burning of DVDs, etc.)

From where will be deducted all the usual expenses of Madam Everybody (taxes, rent, credits, childcare expenses, etc.). Life, what. Except that … We are mainly seasonal professionals. So, the wages touched in summer must also make us live during the off-peak season.

So, at this point, you will understand that a professional can NOT price on the floor, not only because he is not going to get away with it, but also because if he has all these costs, it is To ensure you a quality service, TO YOU!

All these software, training courses, this good material, is to be more competent, more original, faster, and capture the best moments of your life at best. An amateur, or a low cost photographer will not be able to have this level. Impossible.

I usually use a metaphor to explain the rates. We are like airlines … There are low cost (Easy Jet) and high-end (Lufthansa). Both have equipment in good condition (at least I hope!), And both will take you to their destination. But under what conditions? With what benefits? What comfort?

After that, it’s just a matter of choices and priorities. But one can not ask a low cost service to provide the same benefits as the high-end. It is financially impossible (or that is that there is something unclear behind).

And in no case does it make the top-of-the-range provider a crook!

3. In this case, what do I do with my small budget?

Already, perhaps we should rebalance the overall budget of marriage by redefining priorities. Yes, most positions are unavoidable. But what is the most important? A second Norman hole at the meal, or pictures that will remain ALL your life?

Then compare well the photographers, and not only in view of their rates. Ask to meet them, already for the feeling, then to see a little more than their portfolio. (Because, of course, as for absolutely all professionals and all trades, and whatever their rates – high-end or low-cost – there are some bad ones, or some that do not hold Their promises.)

And if the photographer appeals to you, this is where you have to talk to him about what he can offer you, which is part of your budget, even if you do not want to spend a few hours on it.

In fact, it’s really a matter of quality / price here, not quantity / price. Also, this brings me to the following point:

Prioritize the images you want. It may not be necessary to hire the photographer for the meal / evening, for example. Most of the time your guests will be chewing … Preparations at the end of the cocktail, with a real photographer who will give you beautiful images of excellent technical and artistic quality, even if there are fewer, Is perhaps better than hundreds of mediocre and poorly framed photos, in an improbable light.

Think of “options”: really a small budget for a photographer throughout the wedding? Delegate to several guests on D-Day so as not to knock them out, and offer a commitment session and / or a Day After with a real pro, which you will have chosen carefully.

I spoke mainly of wedding benefits, since we are on Miss Dentelle. But it is, of course, valid for all the packages of a photographer.

I hope, thanks to these explanations, to have succeeded in enlightening you a little, and to have answered questions that you could ask yourself. But also, having managed to chase the rogue label that is sometimes stuck to professional photographers.

And if you still have questions … I’m at your disposal!