We thought that to welcome our readers to the new blog of Awasi, it would be appropriate to explore the history of the place where our Lodge is located: a slope that overlooks the wonderful Torres del Paine mountain range, Lake Sarmiento and The Patagonian steppe.
It all started with a British aristocrat named Lady Florence Dixie. It was in 1880, and Florence had become weary of the social life of London. How much better, thought she, than an adventure in Patagonia?
Thus, with her husband, her brother and a group of friends, Florence planned her journey to the end of the world. In her travels she carried a logbook which was recently published under the title “Riding Across Patagonia”; This one is available on Amazon. This is a perfect holiday reading medium when you visit Patagonia.
In her diary, the British youth began by noting the reactions of her friends when she told them about her future trip:
“Patagonia! Who could have the idea of ​​going to such a place?” “But the cannibals will eat you! “How the hell did you choose to go to such an extravagant place?” “What can be attractive?” Thousands of miles away and no one has ever been there except Captain Musters and one or two crazy adventurers! “
I heard from my friends and acquaintances these phrases and other similar questions and exclamations, when I told them about my intentions to travel in Patagonia, “the land of the Giants …”
(“Ride through Patagonia”, Florence Dixie, 1880)
It goes without saying that Florence continued imperturbably and today she is remembered as the first “tourist” who has visited this wonderful part of the world. Of course, there were others before her – the text mentions Captain Musters, and one of the most famous explorers who visited Patagonia is Charles Darwin – but the difference lies in the fact that Florence is right Came to see how it was, to explore and experience, while those who had come before it had pushed it through their scientific studies, their missionary work and the colonizing spirit.
It was thus that Florence arrived at the end of the world and rode from the Patagonia of Argentina to Chilean Patagonia. When the group crossed a mountain called Sierra Contreras, they stopped, fascinated by the panorama that stretched before their eyes.
“The view was well worth all the problems encountered on the way,” Florence wrote in her diary, as one of her friends began to draw the view of the iconic Torres del Paine that appeared before them.
And so, when we decided to build our lodge holidays with hot tubs in Patagonia, we redid the route that Florence had made and in this way we found the exact place where this drawing was made, so that our Guests can enjoy the same view.
We must admit, however, that there is a difference, 135 years after “The sun shone high in the skies when I opened my eyes the next morning, and opening the entrance to the tent, I looked at the scene” Unlike Florence Dixie, our guests have individual villas, complete with hot tubs, bathtubs and wood-burning stoves. We do not see tents anywhere!
We leave you with this video of one of our guides, Kura Solon, who also comes from the British Isles and who could be described as a Florence Dixie nowadays, Check This Out!