Funeral directors

Physically prepare a body for burial and help people through an important part of the grieving process. Also known as undertakers and undertakers, funeral directors plan the logistics part of a funeral and even work With clergy and cemetery officials. To become a licensed funeral director, students must earn a two- or four-year degree in mortuary science according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Cincinnati College of Funeral Science

  • The Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science (CCMS) is the oldest school and top list in the United States that students learn how to become a funeral director. The program offers students real-world experience from all angles in their state of Embalming art lab and well educated teachers. Courses also include the role play where they study

    Students learn real life experience by putting them into practical situations as well as the art application process. The lab experience provides students with much-needed experience to enter the workforce. Students can work toward an associate degree or Bachelor’s degree in mortuary science at an accredited school. Students also take field trips and attend presentations to further develop their education.

The Amarillo College of Funeral Science

  • The Amarillo College of Funeral Science guides students to become funeral directors who care for people as they progress through the grief process as well as the proper care of human remains. In addition to offering a degree in mortuary science , Students can learn to become a funeral director, this certification does not teach students embalming, art restoration or any of the science associated with the field. Once completed the course of study, students can The State also offers a program for graduates to become educators in the field of mortuary science, to teach students the various skills and theories in the funeral home business. In addition, ACMS also offers a Full line program.

Lincoln College of New England

  • Lincoln College of New England offers an associate degree in mortuary science to prepare students for the business of funeral homes. The program has a comprehensive first phone call education to the definitive burial of human remains. They also take pride Of a small learning environment where faculty make a personal connection with students. Students may attend classes at the school or at one of several off-site locations. Upon completion of the course, students must complete a National Board. The school also offers a bachelor’s degree in Science in Funeral Service Management.

The District of Columbia Community College

  • The Columbia Community College offers an associate in applied science in mortuary science accredited by the American Board of Funeral Education Service. The curriculum offers two clinical and academic studies that instill a range of ethical and moral practices, giving honor and Dignity at death. In addition to regular courses taught in any program, classes also include “Descriptive Pathology,” “Funeral Services Law,” “Funeral Service Small Business Administration,” and “Psychology of Grief.”


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