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Eating several servings of fruits and vegetables a day is essential for maintaining health in perfect condition, as we bring plenty of minerals and vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of different organs. Many people leave out this recommendation and just eat fruit for vagrancy. To avoid this we can choose faster and in many cases like smoothies attractive solutions. When eating these foods can do beating them or juice , two processes are different but the result is similar.

In many cases we do not know to distinguish with certainty which of the two processes of preparation of shakes is best recommended to keep the properties of the fruit and the largest number of nutrients , so we will see the benefits and disadvantages of each one to know which one to choose when eating fruits and vegetables liquid way.

For milkshakes and Fruit infused water, different processes are followed. For juice thing you might do is extract the juice from the fruit , since we eat only liquids they provide us leaving aside the rest of its contents. To prepare smoothies usually use all the fruit that occurs to a blending process . The only thing that is often removed the shell that often end up bitter.

Knowing the difference between one form and another to get fruits liquefying we will analyze the pros and cons of each:


When preparing the juice we do it is remove fluid from fruits which are the majority of minerals and vitamins, as they are mostly composed of water and liquids. To do usually use juicers, so we take only a part of the fruit . The rest, eliminate what remains, so we throw a number of other nutrients that provide us fruits and can be very useful, such as fiber.

The juice has little calories and is a light food that we can use at any time, since it is a healthy form of hydration. But the vitamin content relative to the fruit decreases as by transforming the state of food to squeeze many of these vitamins are lost and others stay in other food we discard, which makes it a less rich food whole fruit.


To get a smoothie you do is thin the fruit or vegetables , so it becomes liquid whole piece, maximizing the nutrients of it, since it does not discard anything. What this does is that we respect more vitamins and fiber , necessary to keep the body free of toxins and other substances that may end up damaging in the long run. Yet many of these vitamins to transform the state of food is lost, but not so many as to be consumed in juice form.

Consume shakes is a much less light solution to do it in the form of juice, as we end quenching much more, because by eating the whole fruit is as if we eat the piece directly, what happens is that only changes state. The amount of food is the same. One thing we must be clear is that usually the milk shakes are added or other substances to further liquefy, causing calories are added to a food already low in this nutrient.