How to design a blog survey to improve your content strategy

Blog surveys are a great way to gather the opinions of your readers quickly. In this article, you will learn how to design a step-by-step blog survey, why it is important, how we measure results, and what steps we take to improve the content of our followers.

Why are blog surveys important?

Blog polls are a great way to quickly gather the opinions of your readers and your email subscribers .The results will help you evaluate what you are doing well and what you can improve, which, ultimately, leads to better content. Because let’s face it … you can not read minds! The best way to find out exactly what your readers want to see is to simply ask them. Show your readers that you value their opinion and that their ideas have value.

Checklist to create a great blog survey

1) Set your goals

Before you start, you have to determine what you want to know . You may want to learn more about the demographics of readers, receive comments on recent content, or discover the level of interest around your products or the offers of your blog.

We wanted to know how our readers were interacting with our most recent content, including our blog, e-books and workshop videos. That is why we started with a multiple choice question: ” in the last 6 months, you have … “. In that way, the results of our survey were current and updated.

2) Choose a survey tool

Typeform , Google Forms and Survey Cool are all popular survey tools. Do not hesitate to explore your options. Some tools are a bit more complex, and some cost money, so choose the tool that best suits your needs.

3) Thank your readers for their participation

It is polite to thank your readers for their participation before they begin the survey. We know that the time of our readers is valuable, and we must make sure that they know it too.

4) Be brief

For the same reason you should thank your readers for their time before they start answering the questions, you should also make sure your survey is fairly short . We suggest you do no more than eight questions.

5) Be clear and concise

You should not make your readers have to try hard to find out what you are asking them. Use simple language and short phrases . It is also important to use correct grammar and formulate your questions correctly.

6) Leave the last question open

It is useful to leave the last question open, so your readers can leave suggestions or additional comments .Multiple choice is quick and easy, but most likely you want your respondents to explain themselves in more detail.

7) Prepare for negative comments

Prepare for criticism. Let unfavorable comments feed your fire. Create a better content that people want to read. This is a good opportunity to detect the weak points in your content, leaving you with a better idea of ​​how to create valuable entries.

8) Explain exactly how long it takes to fill out your survey

Let your readers know from the beginning how long the survey will take. It is better to be honest about the time you are asking. This step builds trust and can get you more poll shipments.

9) Promote your survey

Once you’ve worked hard to create your survey, it’s time to put it in front of your readers. We suggest you create a blog post, send emails to your subscribers and target users, and share your survey on social networks.

The subject line of the email and the choice of the right moment are crucial. We choose ” I need your help ” and send the email in the middle of the week. The approach worked! We experienced an opening rate of 40%. We also asked people to respond to the email if they did not have time to fill out the survey but wanted to share their ideas. If you opt for this method, be sure to respond to everyone who responds to your email.Show that you care.


The professional photographer’s work for a wedding, why price

The professionals you meet when preparing your wedding are often very different from those you meet every day. And the prices they post sometimes have enough to make jump: “But forquooooooooooooi ?! “.

Indeed, price differences between some, which offer the same service in appearance, are enormous. For wedding suppliers, it’s like everything: there’s entry-level, great luxury, and a lot of intermediate services.

Everything is always a matter of opportunity and choice. Of course, you really can not afford to hire a professional. Or prefer to put the money elsewhere. Or pick someone who gets the hand. 

But we can not demand the same results. The whole thing is to be conscious of it, so that you can make your choices in an enlightened way.

Ten days ago, on this subject, it is a florist  who explained to you his work and the prices that flow from it.

Today, it’s up to the photographer! It is Laurence, from * LEM * Photography , who takes the keyboard to address this subject that is angry. It comes to explain and detail everything that hides behind the price of a photographer.

As I walked on the blogs or the wedding forums, I noticed that a remark was rather recurrent: “The photographers? what to charge for your photography? They are so expensive (for what it is)! “.

AVTINGELENCEA & AVOENS AVALENCE … AV Relues …353535 AV353535 AV35AUAUAU means questions one initial initial scène

We shall endeavor to proceed by order.

1. Why take a pro photographer? Uncle Jules has a new camera (it must take beautiful pictures, a device like that).

For several reasons. Already, Tonton Jules is a guest, and he may want to participate in the party too. Page one great one focushesteronersssship. one oneardshipardshipe oneardship onemanshipes, one35au hearcamel one insti Je greatcraft3535353512hip00 oneauttleonings353535iouaistyardshipoonageshargees.com oneards oneardship Website

Then, Tonton probably does not have the right professional material. We have, among other things, very sensitive targets, which allow us to photograph in dark places (churches), without using flashes that make the light more raw, and make shadows worn unsightly.

Then, Tonton may not master all the technical data related to the photo: light, speed, isos … OK. But in a back light? Too bad to have blurry pictures for an adjustment mismanaged …

And finally, Tonton Jules may have read the manual of his reflex, he does not have the experience of a professional. We have covered dozens of marriages, they all look more or less alike in the unfolding. We know when to be alert, when there will be a hollow moment, when we focus on you, and when on your guests. And we’re here for that. This is our job.

“Yes but it’s cheeeer! “

Ok, that’s where the rub is hurting, let’s try to explain. And maybe in the end you’ll agree that yes, it’s a budget, but no, it’s not expensive for what you get.

Already, let’s say that I’m talking about real pros. That is to say people whose principal activity is to keep them alive, who are in the business, who come to life, improve, and care to do their job well.

We see flourish everywhere amateurs, sometimes enlightened – but often not – who improvise pros, the time of the wedding season (“who make me all day for 200 €!”) And whose quality of work Is uncertain. (Not to mention the questionable moral value of this process.)

2. So what is the price of a photographer?

Let’s get things right now: it’s not a salary! It is a BRUTE entry of funds, the following expenses are deducted:

  • contributions
  • insurance
  • gasoline
  • Supplies (DVD, USB sticks, pouches, business cards)
  • Equipment (apparatus, lenses, lighting …) and its maintenance (cleaning, adjustments)
  • Computer hardware (computer, but also various software and their updates)
  • Accessories (for photobooth, boudoir sessions, newborn sessions …)
  • SEO (yes, it pays to be in a pro directory)
  • Collaborators (make-up artist, hairdresser, second shooteur)
  • One-time fees (on-the-go meals, hotel rooms for sessions)
  • Upgrade courses.

(That is, everything that is more or less paid by your boss, if you are employed.)

  • AND eventually, if a little remains, a SALARY, youhou! A salary for working hours, therefore, visible (shooting) … And invisible! (Moving, post-processing of photos – which double or even triple shooting hours -, gallery layout, burning of DVDs, etc.)

From where will be deducted all the usual expenses of Madam Everybody (taxes, rent, credits, childcare expenses, etc.). Life, what. Except that … We are mainly seasonal professionals. So, the wages touched in summer must also make us live during the off-peak season.

So, at this point, you will understand that a professional can NOT price on the floor, not only because he is not going to get away with it, but also because if he has all these costs, it is To ensure you a quality service, TO YOU!

All these software, training courses, this good material, is to be more competent, more original, faster, and capture the best moments of your life at best. An amateur, or a low cost photographer will not be able to have this level. Impossible.

I usually use a metaphor to explain the rates. We are like airlines … There are low cost (Easy Jet) and high-end (Lufthansa). Both have equipment in good condition (at least I hope!), And both will take you to their destination. But under what conditions? With what benefits? What comfort?

After that, it’s just a matter of choices and priorities. But one can not ask a low cost service to provide the same benefits as the high-end. It is financially impossible (or that is that there is something unclear behind).

And in no case does it make the top-of-the-range provider a crook!

3. In this case, what do I do with my small budget?

Already, perhaps we should rebalance the overall budget of marriage by redefining priorities. Yes, most positions are unavoidable. But what is the most important? A second Norman hole at the meal, or pictures that will remain ALL your life?

Then compare well the photographers, and not only in view of their rates. Ask to meet them, already for the feeling, then to see a little more than their portfolio. (Because, of course, as for absolutely all professionals and all trades, and whatever their rates – high-end or low-cost – there are some bad ones, or some that do not hold Their promises.)

And if the photographer appeals to you, this is where you have to talk to him about what he can offer you, which is part of your budget, even if you do not want to spend a few hours on it.

In fact, it’s really a matter of quality / price here, not quantity / price. Also, this brings me to the following point:

Prioritize the images you want. It may not be necessary to hire the photographer for the meal / evening, for example. Most of the time your guests will be chewing … Preparations at the end of the cocktail, with a real photographer who will give you beautiful images of excellent technical and artistic quality, even if there are fewer, Is perhaps better than hundreds of mediocre and poorly framed photos, in an improbable light.

Think of “options”: really a small budget for a photographer throughout the wedding? Delegate to several guests on D-Day so as not to knock them out, and offer a commitment session and / or a Day After with a real pro, which you will have chosen carefully.

I spoke mainly of wedding benefits, since we are on Miss Dentelle. But it is, of course, valid for all the packages of a photographer.

I hope, thanks to these explanations, to have succeeded in enlightening you a little, and to have answered questions that you could ask yourself. But also, having managed to chase the rogue label that is sometimes stuck to professional photographers.

And if you still have questions … I’m at your disposal!


Sexy lingerie Australia online stores


Looking sexy and attractive is now at the tip of her finger. The Internet has made it possible to wear all the exotic underwear from Australia at your door. Yes you have heard is true. You do not have to travel to Australia to buy hot lingerie those that make you look sexy and sensual. Selecting and buying online has made it possible to get the hot pieces of clothing by sitting at your home through Australia’s sexy lingerie stores online.

These online stores have a gallery of more attractive and sexy options that were waiting for you to decorate your beautiful body. You can choose from a large number of options, pay online and get it on your hands in a few days. These online stores to explore with all styles available, the fabric used to make the underwear, the sizes and colors available currently available with them, the price of each piece, etc. You can select any number of pieces and add them to your cart . These options are available so that the client can easily select the piece that he / she has dreamed to seduce his partner to


The online sexy lingerie Australia stores offer not only women’s underwear, but also for men. Many people shy away while buying sexy lingerie from the actual stores. Therefore, these sexy lingerie Australia online stores have come as a boon to them, where they can select their preference from a large collection to hide their shyness.

The best part of these online stores is that they do not delay order and provide discomfort to their customers. They are honest in dispatching the right order at the right time and make sure that the order arrives at their destination correctly. Her dream of wearing those sexier and endearing lingerie that used to be very costly has also become a truth as these online stores offer lingerie at very reasonable prices and also since the competition has grown a lot, these stores come with very Exciting offers where you can get your underwear dreaming with much lower costs.


7 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Gynecologist

If you have answered yes to this question, it is time you found a gynecologist for yourself.But how to find a good gynecologist? Maybe to your question?

Gynecologists play an important role in a woman’s life, especially when she is expecting. Your gynecologist can help you plan a family, screen yourself for illnesses and treat the same and many other things. Many women, experience Difficulty in finding the right gynecologist. Ability to do so can affect you in more ways than one. So here is a post to help you understand how to find or choose a gynecologist. (1)

Who is a gynecologist?

A gynecologist is a doctor or a surgeon. This doctor specializes in diseases related to that of the female reproductive system and the overall health of a woman too. All diseases of the uterus, fallopian tubes,

Ovaries, vagina, vulva and cervix are all examined and treated by a gynecologist.

Again, a gynecologist who is certified to give birth is known as an obstetrician. Obstetricians are the gynecologists that you will need when you are pregnant and during childbirth.

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How to Find a Gynecologist – Points to Remember:

It is important to feel comfortable and confident about your gynecologist. Therefore, special attention should be taken to find a good gynecologist for yourself. Here are various points you should keep in mind while finding a.

1. Good reputation:

You will share some of the most intimate information and facets of your life, your sexuality and your body with your gynecologist.So be particular about the standards.Search for a reputable doctor.You can check out the various hospitals that the doctor works and train an opinion.

2. obstetrician / gynecologist:

Ideally, you should look for a gynecologist who is also an obstetrician. This way you will not have to find a separate obstetrician to offer your baby.

3. Consult with friends and relatives:

When finding a gynecologist, always consult your friends and relatives. They might have their doctors who can refer good gynecologist. You can also consult your friends and relatives of the gynecologist.

4. Caring, Responsive and friendly in Nature:

Since you are going to share many of your problems and issues with your gynecologist it is important to find one that is friendly in nature. A good sensitive gynecologist will answer your questions clearly and accurately as well. Developing a comfort factor is important. Gynecologist should be gentle too during her checkups. A caring gynecologist will always advise you for your best. She will also place your comfort first.

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5. Proximity:

Your obstetrician should be close to your home. During pregnancy you may need to consult your doctor frequently.So the easy availability of public transport and less commuting time is an important factor.Proximity will also help when you go In work.

6. Easy Availability:

Although it is important to find a well-known gynecologist / obstetrician, you should also look at how easily available is your doctor. Your gynecologist should be able to respond to your emergency calls. She should also be sensitive in terms of returning to When you need it. Obtaining easy appointment or seeing without appointment should also be possible. The gynecologist you choose should get into these settings too.

7. Your Comfort:

You might also find a lot of male gynecologists who are as good as females. But you have to keep your mind open to that term. If having a male gynecologist makes you a little uncomfortable, always go for the female. Remember, And your comfort that counts most because when you are happy, if your baby is inside is.

So these are some of the points you need to keep in mind about how to get a gynecologist. If even after finding a gynecologist, you do not feel comfortable and are not satisfied, Do not hesitate to change your gynecologist. It is fine not to love someone because your needs may vary from one person.

An obstetrician or gynecologist will be a part of one of the most important phases of your life. So, make sure you trust your obstetrician or gynecologist completely. If you are convinced, never settle for less.

We hope that this message has helped you to understand how to find a gynecologist. Tell us how to find a gynecologist and the advice you have followed, if any. We love hearing from you and we would be happy to hear from you on this topic. Visit here www.midatlanticobgyn.com.


All You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

The topic of laser hair removal is by far one of the most wanted to touch since the beginning of the blog. I think it is one of the issues that most concern women, not to say that it is possibly the most. Personally I have gone through different types of lasers, with very different experiences in all cases. All this has led me to decide to dedicate a specific section under the tag Hair Removal  that I hope will be to all of help to learn together and share experiences.

For today I come with a global entry on the subject as an introduction and with the collaboration of Laura , reader and blogger in Love Yourself and Makeup . From here thank you for the research you have done for us, as well as for the resolution of all the doubts that have arisen to me along the way as we mounted the entrance. We have been preparing this entrance for many months, so we are very excited. To top it all off we are lucky that she is a beautician by profession and specialized in the technique, so we can certainly create a very interesting debate around this subject so crucial for a multitude of women.


The beginning of laser technology begins with Einstein when heformulatesthe concept of “stimulated light emission” in 1900. Maiman in 1959 was the precursor of applying these theories in the treatment of the skin, thus developing the first laser Ruby , which applies a monochromatic light of 694 nanometers.

Soon after, in the year 1963, the dermatologist Leon Goldman initiated the treatment with ruby ​​laser in different cutaneous pathologies .

In the 80’s Anderson and Parrish developed the principle of selective photothermolysis, contributing to greatly improve laser technology and giving a great boost to its use. The key point of this concept is the destruction of the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding structures.

In 1995 Goldberg used the Yag neodymium laser to depilate. From this moment on, comparative studies are beginning to demonstrate the effectiveness of the laser in depilation.


When we speak of photodepilation and laser, it is customary to confuse terms. In both cases we refer to the depilation thanks to the light transformed into heat, ie: PHOTODEPILATION = INTENSE PULSED LIGHT (IPL) AND LASER What we usually catalog as photoepilation is the pulsed light system or IPL. When in fact the term photoepilation encompasses all forms of laser hair removal (pulsed light, ruby ​​laser, alexandrite, diode, yag …). LASER stands for “ Light Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation” meaning that it is a device capable of extending a beam of light as a result of a stimulated and controlled action, Which is called selective photothermolysis . One of the differences between the laser and the IPL is that in the first the beam of light is collimated, which means that it goes in a direction and in parallel, and in the ipl is not collimated: there is divergence of light, has Different directions. That is why the IPL covers a greater amount of hair and skin but is less specific, while the laser acts on areas and groups of more specific hairs, being more precise.



This is one of the doubts that most commonly assail us to any potential user of laser hair removal phoenix. Although previously you have a brief summary of the types of lasers and their most frequent uses, there are many different cases that can be adjusted to very personalized treatments; Combining two or even three different techniques according to each moment. That is why in my opinion I would advise you in the first place a center that monitors at least two types of laser hair removal, being ideal the presence of electrical hair removal for those impossible cases or in the appearance of virtually colorless hair or barrel.


In the event that a center or clinic present only one option laser ideally staff are highly qualified and with extensive experience demonstrated, it is interesting that it is backed by a physician .

Lastly, it is important that you know that the very light and very dark phototypes are the only ones in which the photoepilation may be ineffective, so it is appropriate that these cases be evaluated beforehand by a professional that indicates if it could be fit .

In my opinion, epilation itself is not a widespread need, since many people have virtually no hair or it is scarce or even invisible. In order for us to understand each other, it is not worth it in all cases. But it really is a matter of hygiene for a lot of people and in many other cases it is an aesthetic problem that can even be a source of stress and anxiety . Not all people have to worry about this issue, but many dedicate a significant time of our lives to the depilation (be it traditional blade, wax and its variants). If we add up that time invested, in the end it can become a rather striking sum. In my opinion and after my past and current experiences with the laser, as long as one can afford it and the epilation occupies a significant space of time in your life, it can be a great relief and a perfect solution.


Patagonia Hotel through the years, from Florence Dixie to the present

We thought that to welcome our readers to the new blog of Awasi, it would be appropriate to explore the history of the place where our Lodge is located: a slope that overlooks the wonderful Torres del Paine mountain range, Lake Sarmiento and The Patagonian steppe.
It all started with a British aristocrat named Lady Florence Dixie. It was in 1880, and Florence had become weary of the social life of London. How much better, thought she, than an adventure in Patagonia?
Thus, with her husband, her brother and a group of friends, Florence planned her journey to the end of the world. In her travels she carried a logbook which was recently published under the title “Riding Across Patagonia”; This one is available on Amazon. This is a perfect holiday reading medium when you visit Patagonia.
In her diary, the British youth began by noting the reactions of her friends when she told them about her future trip:
“Patagonia! Who could have the idea of ​​going to such a place?” “But the cannibals will eat you! “How the hell did you choose to go to such an extravagant place?” “What can be attractive?” Thousands of miles away and no one has ever been there except Captain Musters and one or two crazy adventurers! “
I heard from my friends and acquaintances these phrases and other similar questions and exclamations, when I told them about my intentions to travel in Patagonia, “the land of the Giants …”
(“Ride through Patagonia”, Florence Dixie, 1880)
It goes without saying that Florence continued imperturbably and today she is remembered as the first “tourist” who has visited this wonderful part of the world. Of course, there were others before her – the text mentions Captain Musters, and one of the most famous explorers who visited Patagonia is Charles Darwin – but the difference lies in the fact that Florence is right Came to see how it was, to explore and experience, while those who had come before it had pushed it through their scientific studies, their missionary work and the colonizing spirit.
It was thus that Florence arrived at the end of the world and rode from the Patagonia of Argentina to Chilean Patagonia. When the group crossed a mountain called Sierra Contreras, they stopped, fascinated by the panorama that stretched before their eyes.
“The view was well worth all the problems encountered on the way,” Florence wrote in her diary, as one of her friends began to draw the view of the iconic Torres del Paine that appeared before them.
And so, when we decided to build our lodge holidays with hot tubs in Patagonia, we redid the route that Florence had made and in this way we found the exact place where this drawing was made, so that our Guests can enjoy the same view.
We must admit, however, that there is a difference, 135 years after “The sun shone high in the skies when I opened my eyes the next morning, and opening the entrance to the tent, I looked at the scene” Unlike Florence Dixie, our guests have individual villas, complete with hot tubs, bathtubs and wood-burning stoves. We do not see tents anywhere!
We leave you with this video of one of our guides, Kura Solon, who also comes from the British Isles and who could be described as a Florence Dixie nowadays, Check This Out!

Best Anti-Wrinkle Cream – Is There A Solution?

Selecting products like anti-wrinkle creams or proper skin care can be a long and exhausting process in today’s market, where you are faced with hundreds of companies making exaggerated claims about their products.
There are a lot of products, but only a few of these are effective and safe. It is often difficult to distinguish between exaggerations and truth.

Wrinkles are part of the aging process . Facial muscles loosen with growing age and the skin becomes less elastic, creating folds and lines called wrinkles. Wrinkles can also be a product of skin weakness, unattended. It means that the earlier action is taken on the repair of the skin, the sooner wrinkles and fine lines begin to disappear. Anti-wrinkle creams are a great help to soften and soothe the skin, while increasing and strengthening at the same time.

What is expected of the anti-wrinkle cream?

People often set unrealistic expectations of anti-wrinkle products. If you expect an anti-wrinkle cream to help get rid of all your wrinkles and fine lines in a matter of seconds, you will be severely dissatisfied. You may be discouraged as long as you give up your wrinkle creams altogether, and you will be asked to take the most extreme wrinkle treatment measures, such as botox and / or other cosmetic procedures.

It is important to have patience during the use of wrinkle creams. The continued use of anti-wrinkle creams can revitalize the texture and tone of your skin which can leave a lasting effect. It is amazing to know that a large percentage of people would give up this type of treatment after only treating 2-3 different anti-wrinkle remover creams. Therefore, you need to be realistic with your expectations. It will be unwise to expect to see such a great model after a week of use. Of course, these creams will help you look younger and have smoother skin, but will not usually happen in a very short span of time.

Steps to Identify the Best Anti-Wrinkle Cream

It is important to do a little homework and find out which active ingredients provide the best results when it comes to an anti-wrinkle cream. To do this, you should look at the ingredients labels attached to the popular Anti-Wrinkle Cream products, browse the web for information and talk to expert anti-wrinkle cream. Most anti-wrinkle creams may contain one or more of the ingredients, including retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, kinetin, coenzyme Q10, copper peptides and antioxidants.

It will be prudent to go out and look at the market to compile a list of possible options that you consider using later. You should evaluate this list based on price, claims, quality and user evaluation. Most reliable wrinkle creams have sites for consumers to share their thoughts and opinions. Experiences and opinions shared by consumers can help decide whether to add a special cream to your final list or not.

From then on, the organization of its definitive list begins according to the best and the worst. This will help you decide which anti-wrinkle cream you want to try first, then second, then third, and so on and so on. Be prepared that you are not likely to find the best anti wrinkle injections near me with your first purchase.

Give each of these anti-wrinkle creams at least 2 months to determine their quality and reliability. Most anti wrinkle creams should reduce wrinkles and fine lines considerably within 2 months of time but if a cream does not do it within this time frame, just rub it out and start over with a new product.


Although it is said that wrinkle creams will not provide immediate results, there is a type of wrinkle cream that makes it act very quickly. It is called an anti-wrinkle cream ice cream. This wrinkle cream has been seen to achieve obvious results in as little as 10-20 minutes. Please note that the results are not timeless (typically 24-48 hours), but they are good enough for a quick fix on the way out. This cream works by freezing the nerves of the facial muscles, which therefore allows the skin to relax and soften by itself; And cream ingredients also prevent muscles from contracting more.

Benefits of Using Anti-Wrinkle Creams

There are two anti-wrinkle creams – Athena 7 Minute Lift and LifeCell that seem to stand out from the list of various creams available on the market. Both wrinkle creams have been scientifically proven to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and bags under the eyes.

Anti-wrinkle creams are a cheaper option compared to botox shots and facial stretches because the latter are widely expensive and, in fact, can almost make you bankrupt.

Anti aging wrinkle cream is ideal for any wrinkle sufferer as it can significantly increase a person’s collagen levels. Increased collagen results in increased elasticity and resilience of the skin, resulting in fewer wrinkles and fine lines. It is important to keep in mind that collagen is lost at advanced age, so you will need to regularly use anti aging wrinkle cream to replenish your body’s collagen stores.

The disadvantages of using anti-wrinkle creams

You should be alert in choosing the right anti-wrinkle skin cream, since most of these creams use synthetic chemicals like parabens, mineral oils, fragrances and alcohols that negatively affect your skin health.

Parabens is commonly used as a preservative, but carries a high risk of breast tumors and may possibly be a cause of cancer. The mineral oil adds temporary moisture, but the pores of the skin blocks, bacteria traps, and delays the release of toxins from the skin. Fragrances have no useful purpose for hydration or prevention of aging, and may even be carcinogenic. Many brands of anti-wrinkle cream contain alcohol as one of the ingredients.

It could provide some hiding of wrinkles for a short time, but after that leads to even more wrinkles as alcohols cause a lot of dryness of the skin. Therefore, further damage to the skin should be avoided by keeping a check on the ingredients of your anti-wrinkle cream.

Prolonged use of these anti-wrinkle creams can damage facial cells. Dead cells lead to the loss of the epidermis, which gradually reduces the blood circulation in the face, giving it an opaque appearance. Most of the ingredients in anti-wrinkle creams are not suitable for daytime use. Direct sunlight, exposure to the external environment, UV rays and microorganisms can cause a variety of skin infections and dry skin.

It is also vital to identify the nature of your skin and type of facial defects before purchasing an anti-wrinkle cream. Lack of knowledge about the right use of anti-wrinkle creams can lead to skin damage.


List of Schools Funeral Director

Funeral directors

Physically prepare a body for burial and help people through an important part of the grieving process. Also known as undertakers and undertakers, funeral directors plan the logistics part of a funeral and even work With clergy and cemetery officials. To become a licensed funeral director, students must earn a two- or four-year degree in mortuary science according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Cincinnati College of Funeral Science

  • The Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science (CCMS) is the oldest school and top list in the United States that students learn how to become a funeral director. The program offers students real-world experience from all angles in their state of Embalming art lab and well educated teachers. Courses also include the role play where they study

    Students learn real life experience by putting them into practical situations as well as the art application process. The lab experience provides students with much-needed experience to enter the workforce. Students can work toward an associate degree or Bachelor’s degree in mortuary science at an accredited school. Students also take field trips and attend presentations to further develop their education.

The Amarillo College of Funeral Science

  • The Amarillo College of Funeral Science guides students to become funeral directors who care for people as they progress through the grief process as well as the proper care of human remains. In addition to offering a degree in mortuary science , Students can learn to become a funeral director, this certification does not teach students embalming, art restoration or any of the science associated with the field. Once completed the course of study, students can The State also offers a program for graduates to become educators in the field of mortuary science, to teach students the various skills and theories in the funeral home business. In addition, ACMS also offers a Full line program.

Lincoln College of New England

  • Lincoln College of New England offers an associate degree in mortuary science to prepare students for the business of funeral homes. The program has a comprehensive first phone call education to the definitive burial of human remains. They also take pride Of a small learning environment where faculty make a personal connection with students. Students may attend classes at the school or at one of several off-site locations. Upon completion of the course, students must complete a National Board. The school also offers a bachelor’s degree in Science in Funeral Service Management.

The District of Columbia Community College

  • The Columbia Community College offers an associate in applied science in mortuary science accredited by the American Board of Funeral Education Service. The curriculum offers two clinical and academic studies that instill a range of ethical and moral practices, giving honor and Dignity at death. In addition to regular courses taught in any program, classes also include “Descriptive Pathology,” “Funeral Services Law,” “Funeral Service Small Business Administration,” and “Psychology of Grief.”


  • Cincinnati College of Funeral Science
  • Yellow College of Funeral Science
  • Lincoln College of New England: Mortuary Science
  • Community College of the District of Columbia: Mortuary Science
  • Funeral Directors National Association
  • Mortuary Schools

Best Accounting Service – Australia

Tired of paperwork? Seeing it was confusing to balance his books? If you are running a small business, what do you waste your time analyzing the numbers when you can get it made profitable by an accounting professional? We offer a full service, which means we take care of your accounts while you take care of your business . We handle all of your imposing related needs, which cover all aspects of accounting services, including:


  • Balances
  • Debts to pay
  • ReconciliationBy allowing an expert to handle his deal with the ATO he was assured that everything is explained. Having accounts to date in today’s financial climate is crucial and it is our mission to offer a hassle-free service in which we can advise you on best practices for your operations and optimize a method to maximize your cash flow and minimize your accounting expenses . Trust us to handle all your accounting requirements and enjoy freedom.We are experts in getting the most out of your small business accounts. We know that your time and money are very valuable and try to minimize our hours by working efficiently on your records. You will get a bookkeeper newcastle who is able to squeeze the highest possible amount of return capital possible through intelligent and knowledgeable procedures. For more information you should contact us today to hear more about the quality accounting services they offer.

    We are located in Gosford, but are available in Sydney subway as well as along the central coast and Newcastle. We have come to you so that you do not have to carry all the documentation. Our customers are dotted all over the map so there’s a good chance we’ll be able to help, no matter where you are. We know your time is valuable so we will take care of the books while keeping the business running.

    Accounting, Tax Service Provider and Accounting in the Philippines

    Sydney Pérsico Oriental Carpet Cleaning Services Cleaning

    ORIENTAL CARE RUG OF AUSTRALIA (Sydney) Eastern Rug Care Australia is a specialist Eastern Rug Cleaning based in Sydney. We clean and disinfect all kind of oriental carpets, Killims and other are …

    Accounting Service – Accounting – VP Accounting Service

    Accounting Service – Accounting – VP Accounting Services Accounting Services – Accounting In addition to meeting legal requirements, maintaining a good account book and regularly compiling



Sea kayak

The sea kayak is an ideal activity to discover the rocky coast of Collioure in Cadaques .
Duration: half a day (usually 9am to 12pm) or one day (9am to 5pm).
The Coast Vermeille
Alone, with two or with family, you have the possibility to live a beautiful adventure with a qualified guide who will make you discover the coast Vermeille to the rhythm of the paddles.
Children are welcome to swim (for the ½ day option) or to be over 12 (for the day option).


Sea Kayaking – Vermeille Coast
We recommend the structure blue-bear approved Youth and Sport which all instructors are graduates of state.

Jérôme Chastang – Head of the Blue Béar team
Kayak of Sea on a half day: the cove of Paulilles
On a ½ day (usually 9-12h), you can start from:
1- the beach of the Racou towards Collioure
2- l’Anse de Paulilles towards the Cape Béar
3- the beach of the Elmes in Banyuls towards the marine reserve of Cerberus
L’Anse de Paulilles is particularly suitable for beginners because it is well protected from the Tramontane.


Anse de Paulilles
Sea kayaking on one day: Cap Béar, Marine Reserve, Cap de Creus
On a day (from 9 am to 5 pm), the team usually offers you an appointment at the Anse de Paulilles for a hike allowing you to discover the Cape Béar and the marine reserve. A swimming with the loan of masks and snorkels will allow you to discover the richness of the fauna and the Mediterranean flora.


Cap Bear

Marine Reserve of Cerbere
A discovery of the magnificent Cap de Creus and its coves is also proposed (depending on the number of people) with a departure from Port de la Selva in Spain (transport organized from Argeles).

Port of the Selva

Cap de Creus
Outings are organized every day except when the weather conditions are not favorable.
In terms of equipment, you should provide sun protection, bathing business, closed shoes, a drink, cereal bars and a picnic (only for day trips). see more here


21 ideal romantic films

21 películas románticas no tan conocidas ideales para ver en el cumple mes

Are you one of those who loves romantic film? Or rather hate them but you are bound by your pololo or polola? Or are simply bored of seeing The Notebook every month? It considering how easy that is to watch 123 movies online on putlocker, secure that see some is one of your favorite (and most economical) scenarios to pass the compliance month, so here I bring you 21 not so well known films of different genres and for all tastes, so you was a little thing but do not forget the main thing: romance, and also I want to recommend my favorite website to watch movies online free, it’s movie2k, you should try it.

To love and be happy:

Like crazy (Like Crazy), 2011

Two university students, her British and American, they fall in love when they are studying in Los Angeles, California, but she stays longer in the United States and violate their visa, so it is forbidden to return to the country. But young people believe that perhaps the distance will not be a big problem… Oops, have to do it. It has mostly positive reviews and it participates Anton Yelchin, Felicity Jones and Jennifer Lawrence.

The art of pass of all (The Art of Getting by), 2011

A romantic movie with a good vibe indie? Here you have it. Freddie Highmore plays a lonely and pessimistic teenager who is trying to spend the last year in school, when he meets Sally (Emma Roberts), a girl popuar some address changes it. It had mixed reviews and is perfect for those who want a story with fed up reflection.

In the light of the Moon magic (Magic in the Moonlight), 2014

This romantic comedy is nice and simple, for those who want something light. Colin Firth is an Englishman who travels to Paris to expose an alleged scam that claims to be a cynical, but meets a beautiful Emma Stone and several dilemmas. It has mostly positive reviews and is the last film of the famous Woody Allen.

Ruby Sparks, 2012

Calvin is a novelist who begins to write a shoulder on the fictitious woman of his dreams, Ruby.When the day following Ruby becomes a real can’t believe what they are seeing, but begin a simple relationship together: If the thing doesn’t work, the only thing you need to do is to write what you want to do Ruby. This film starring Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan has mostly positive reviews.

Flipped 2010

Juli trees, chickens and Bryce Loski likes, but he believes that it is rare. Everything changes when children reach eighth grade and Bryce begins to see things in Juli who likes them. However, the girl now believes that Bryce is a guy that is empty. This film has mixed criticism and is a beautiful and innocent love story.

Moonrise Kingdom, 2012

This film by Wes Anderson follows two children who fall in love and decide to flee their small city to be together, so all are mobilized to find them, putting the place feet arribas. If you want to enjoy a visual feast, this is the movie indicated, that has rave reviews.

A matter of time (About Time), 2013

Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams star in this beautiful romantic movie, in which a 21-year-old girl discovers that you can travel back in time and change things that happened in his life. But the romance seems the best is not to. It has mostly positive reviews and mix comedy with drama, making a perfect love movie.

The good side of things (Silver Linings Playbook), 2012

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper together, could be better? After being interned in a mental institution, Pat moved with his parents and tries to reconcile with his ex-wife. But didn’t know that it would have a greater challenge: Tifanny, a young mysterious and full of problems. The film has very positive reviews and allowed Jennifer Lawrence to win an Oscar for best actress. This is one of those movies that leave you teachings, so love it promise you.

Midnight in Paris (Midnight in Paris), 2011

A successful Hollywood screenwriter (Owen Wilson) will travel to Paris with the family of his fiancée (Rachel McAdams), but somehow ends up every night in the 20s age parisiana scene. In love with the city, you want to move there, but his fiancée is resisting. It has very positive reviews and won an Oscar.

Submarine (2010)

Oliver Tate is a young man with 15 years, a good heart and an objective: losing virginity before her birthday. When a girl shows interest in him, decided that it will be the best world pololo. The film has positive reviews and its soundtrack was made by Alex Turner, the leader of the Arctic Monkeys.

To cry to death:

The Great Gatsby (The Great Gatsby), 2013

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan, this adaptation of the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald introduces you to Jay Gatsby, a man of mysterious and rich American socialites of the years 20s, who goes in search of the love that failed in his youth. The film is good but not corny, received generally positive reviews and was nominated for two Academy Awards.

Here and now (The Spectacular Now), 2013

Pay attention that loved to Shailene Woodley on bass the same Star: see this movie. A young man (Miles Teller) who lives partying, is an alcoholic and has no plan for their future. But after losing his girlfriend, he meets Aimee, a different and pleasant girl who dreams of the future. It has very good reviews and is an excellent film.

Never leave me (Never Let Me Go), 2010

In a dystopian future, three friends (Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield) grow in a boarding school without knowing the terrible reality that awaits them when adult. To realize his reality, cling to what they have: the love that you have, forming a love triangle. It is a very sad but cute, film that blends romance, drama and science fiction, with mostly positive reviews.

Jane Eyre, 2011

This film is for those who want to suffer no more, and for those who enjoy the more obscure works.MIA Wasikowska plays classic of English literature, Jane Eyre, heroin while Michael Fassbender is her Mr. Rochester. After a traumatic childhood, Jane enters to work as a governess in the home of a wealthy and mysterious man. The relationship with your boss is slowly changing and appear its dark secrets. It has mostly positive reviews and was nominated for an Oscar Award.

Always the same day (One Day), 2011

The relationship of Dexter and Em is quite unclear… see them from the night of his graduation to the present, always on the same day every year, while developing their lives and their relationship.They are sometimes together that day, sometimes not, we’ll find out. It has mixed criticism and is starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess… and is actually very good.

Anna Karenina, 2012

The director Joe Wright takes his greatest Muse, Keira Knightley, returned to the big screen, this time playing the Russian Aristocrat Anna Karenina. At the end of the 19th century, Karenina engages in an adulterous relationship with Alexei Vronsky (Jude Law), which will change your life forever. The film has mostly positive reviews, won an Oscar Award and is based on the eponymous novel by Leo Tolstoy.

To be nervous:

A place of refuge (Safe Haven), 2013

If the typical romantic films are not yours and love thrillers, you’ll like this film. Julianne Hough plays a young woman who comes to a small town in North Carolina, fleeing from a dark past that does not want to relive. But even if you try to go unnoticed, love finds it. It received mixed reviews but is of those movies that even though they are romantic, as you get nervous and make you scream QUEEEEEE.

All good things (All Good Things), 2010

Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst star in this story of love and crime-based murder mystery not most famous son of New York. David Marks was accused of killing his wife who disappeared in 1982, but it was never proven the crime. However, the truth is eventually revealed… The film has mixed criticism and combines the genres of drama, romance, crime and mystery.

My life now (How I Live Now), 2013

This film perhaps not taste at all because it includes a romance not very accepted, but worth watching it. It is starring Saoirse Ronan, who plays an American teenager who is sent to England to stay with relatives when broke out a war, which separates it from his new love. It has mostly positive criticism, but if you or your partner, it bothers you a relationship of incest, you better choose another.

A love between two worlds (Upside Down), 2012

This love story is conducted on a planet composed of two opposite worlds, each with its own gravity and rules. Adam (Jim Sturgess) and Eden (Kirsten Dunst) fall in love deeply when teenagers, despite being part of opposite worlds. Ten years later they are forced to separate and Adam embarks on a dangerous journey to return to his beloved. It has mixed criticism and stunning graphics.


Juice or smoothie, what way to consume fruit is best?

Zpirit Infused Water bottle packShot

Eating several servings of fruits and vegetables a day is essential for maintaining health in perfect condition, as we bring plenty of minerals and vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of different organs. Many people leave out this recommendation and just eat fruit for vagrancy. To avoid this we can choose faster and in many cases like smoothies attractive solutions. When eating these foods can do beating them or juice , two processes are different but the result is similar.

In many cases we do not know to distinguish with certainty which of the two processes of preparation of shakes is best recommended to keep the properties of the fruit and the largest number of nutrients , so we will see the benefits and disadvantages of each one to know which one to choose when eating fruits and vegetables liquid way.

For milkshakes and Fruit infused water, different processes are followed. For juice thing you might do is extract the juice from the fruit , since we eat only liquids they provide us leaving aside the rest of its contents. To prepare smoothies usually use all the fruit that occurs to a blending process . The only thing that is often removed the shell that often end up bitter.

Knowing the difference between one form and another to get fruits liquefying we will analyze the pros and cons of each:


When preparing the juice we do it is remove fluid from fruits which are the majority of minerals and vitamins, as they are mostly composed of water and liquids. To do usually use juicers, so we take only a part of the fruit . The rest, eliminate what remains, so we throw a number of other nutrients that provide us fruits and can be very useful, such as fiber.

The juice has little calories and is a light food that we can use at any time, since it is a healthy form of hydration. But the vitamin content relative to the fruit decreases as by transforming the state of food to squeeze many of these vitamins are lost and others stay in other food we discard, which makes it a less rich food whole fruit.


To get a smoothie you do is thin the fruit or vegetables , so it becomes liquid whole piece, maximizing the nutrients of it, since it does not discard anything. What this does is that we respect more vitamins and fiber , necessary to keep the body free of toxins and other substances that may end up damaging in the long run. Yet many of these vitamins to transform the state of food is lost, but not so many as to be consumed in juice form.

Consume shakes is a much less light solution to do it in the form of juice, as we end quenching much more, because by eating the whole fruit is as if we eat the piece directly, what happens is that only changes state. The amount of food is the same. One thing we must be clear is that usually the milk shakes are added or other substances to further liquefy, causing calories are added to a food already low in this nutrient.


My most favorite books this year – 2015

At the end of every year I often make a list of my favorite books in the year but last year 2014 I couldn’t do that because my account was hacked. And as people often say: Better late than never, so today you will know my favorite books of 2015.

1. “Every day, every hour” , Natasa Dragnic

“Every day, every hour”

The Croatian author presents a love story manual, two childhood friends, Dora and Luka, which are separated and reencuetran past year.The book’s title reminds some verses of Neruda, and gives your pages a poetic perfume, the same with the story that surrounds Dragnic. “Every day, every hour” is the first novel of this writer, but has already been published in thirty countries.

2. “Distant Hours” Kate Morton

Morton has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his novels in Spain, and about 8 million worldwide. Australia has become a publishing phenomenon with its Victorian novels, a mix of historic and romantic story. This time, he takes us to the world of Edie Burchill, a woman who investigates the past of her mother after she receives a lost letter for years …

3. “The Garden of spells” Sarah Addison Allen

“The Garden of spells”

The story is set in a small North Carolina town where magic and legends are part of everyday life. Readers who have already traveled the pages say the story follows the trail of novels such as “Chocolat,” “Like Water for Chocolate” and “Fried Green Tomatoes”. If you liked the previous ones, perhaps you should try the “apple” of Sarah Addison Allen.

4. “Tiramisu Ron” Milly Johnson

Again a history of adults who see their childhood fantasies fade away with time. The protagonists of this recipe are four friends who could well be the antithesis of the gang of “Sex and the City”. Their lives are not as idyllic as they had hoped, until one of them decides to gather his friends and fight for the future exciting and romantic one day dreamed.

5. “The most beautiful love story of Paula Cortazar” Antonio Gomez Rufo

“The most beautiful story …”

Daniel is a Spanish soldier who falls into a coma after being injured by a bomb in Afghanistan.After undergoing a facelift, it becomes an attractive man who suddenly are opened many doors. But not all joys: When Daniel wakes up, it does become a child without memories. Paula, his girlfriend, will face for him a manipulative traps and mediated society.

6. “Tonight tell me you love me” of Federicco Moccia

Moccia needs no introduction among lovers of contemporary romantic tales. This time, the story of Tancredi, a rich young and bright that refuses to fall in love, and Sofia, a promising pianist who is forced to leave her career to care for her boyfriend in a wheelchair after an accident. As usual, the Italian crossed the destinies of two characters living in different worlds, but unknowingly seeking the same thing …

7. “Carried by the sea,” Nora Roberts

The author tells the story of Cameron, a young adventurer who likes living on the edge. So you have to go home to say goodbye to his father and Seth undertake a foster child by his father. During his stay, his fate intersects with Anna, an attractive social worker looking for a good home for the child. Nora Roberts is one of the most prolific authors of the romantic past decade.

8. “Revenge” by Sara Shepard


The successful creator of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ returns with a story featuring the four girls Popular United States Rosewood. Romances, disputes and mysteries of this group of adolescents that they look good girls had much pull from his first delivery MTV soon shoot a television series inspired by the characters of Shepard.

9. “The concubine of Rome,” Kate Quinn

Intrigue, ambition and desire in a novel set in Rome in the first century AD Emperor Domitian in love with Thea, the slave of a woman who tries to seduce him. But Thea, in turn, is in love with Arius the Barbarian, a gladiator who has earned the respect of the eternal city for its brutality in the sand. A typical story of love crossed in which everyone has something to lose.

10. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

This is a great novel and you shouldn’t miss it. Read or download the novel at girl on the train pdf.


The first image of the “Fifty shades darker”, with Jamie Dornan in a mask

La primera imagen de «Cincuenta sombras más oscuras», con Jamie Dornan enmascarado

This is the aspect that looks the character of Christian Grey in the sequel to “Fifty shades of Grey”, to be released February 10, 2017, you are able to watch the trailer in HD at new putlocker movies.

Masked and Tuxedo. Thus we are presented Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) in the first image of ‘fifty most dark shadows”( you can read fifty shades darker pdf on our website), the sequel to ‘fifty shades of Grey» that will reach cinemas hovering near the day of Valentine from 2017.

The image is part of the first teaser for the sequel that Universal will launch together with the uncensored release of «fifty shades of Grey’ on DVD and Blu-Ray.

This appetizer comes just a few hours after Universal has announced the release date of the second and third part (‘fifty shadows released”), films that will complete the trilogy. The first of the two will arrive at cinemas February 10, 2017 and, a year later, on 9 February, will be the other.

«We are doing saga the Valentine’s event,» said the Executive from Universal Donna Langley in CinemaCon, taking place these days in Las Vegas.

E.L. James husband, screenwriter

At the moment unknown when will begin the filming of «Fifty most dark shadows», it is known, however, that Niall Leonard, the husband of the author of the trilogy, will be in charge of the libretto of the second installment.Thus they seem to fructify attempts to E.L. James by acquiring more control over the film franchise.

As the director, Universal will have to get your hands on to find the replacement for Sam Taylor-Johnson. The Director confirmed a few weeks ago that would not continue at the forefront of the aftermath.

In addition the study will also have to deal with the two stars of the saga, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, requiring an improvement following the success of the first installment desueldo.


My Pizza – a book of simple pizzas

Today I return to talk about a book of pizzas, in this case it is My Pizza“, the latter which has passed through my hands, and also the first that I include in this blog which is not written in the language of Cervantes. To tell the truth, best books of pizzas I think that they are all foreign, and much to our regret, at least all the books I’ve read on pizzas, there is none written by any Cook or Spanish writer to be saved.


This book could be considered a continuation of his first book, a huge success, which is called “My Bread” (you can download ebooks on virtual library) which was with which became famous Jim Lahey, who is the author. The basic message transmitting Jim, in his books, is the technique of mixing the dough without kneading, very easily, and is very well especially for beginners.

In addition to writing books, good Jim has a pizzeria in New York City that should be pretty good and should have enough recognition. The site is called Co. and I believe that together with Roberta’s and the mythical Lombardis, are three pizzerias that I’m going to go on my next trip to NY [last updated: these are the sites that I recommend in New York]. I take this opportunity to ask you, if anyone has a recommendation from some place to go in New York, who tell me in this post, I’ll be you eternally grateful.


Well, obviously we will now put a little with the book that has about 80 recipes of all kinds: normal pizzas, pizza without sauce, in addition to sauces, soups, salads and desserts. The recipes are very simple, almost until the end. Often tend to prepare pizzas with one or two ingredients main and ready and also normal ingredients that we have everyone at home.

The truth that liked me this book, and therefore recommend it. I think that it is fine to give ideas and in addition tOdes pizzas can be made perfectly. In the coming weeks will publish recipes that I prepared this book and the truth that were very well!


Well, as always, I leave you with the sites where you can find this book, although in this case to be in English, there are no more places apart from Amazon that I have ever seen.


The risks of this new erotic game known as ‘Spring’ or ‘Sexual roulette’

The game by cheap escorts in london became fashionable among young Colombians but quickly spread to other places thanks to news of minors who had been pregnant.

The game consists in that several boys bed is next to one another while the girls are laying over in search of insight. By turns, they are rotating as if it were a roulette. Lost the guy who first ejaculates.

Besides, these games have different modalities: in some cases a group of guys practice it with a single girl, a single guy with several girls or a large group of young people of both sexes. And on many occasions, in these practices the use of condoms not be consent.

Clarín explains that the dangers of such games are not only pregnancy of minors that have already taken place in several countries.

Young people are not really aware of the danger that have the sexually transmitted diseases, which in games like this is much easier that they transmit.

The game has not taken to cross the ocean and reach countries such as Spain, where the police has clarified that record of these activities there is no since when relations between minor but consented, there is any complaint by this practice.

Doctors warn that the practice of such games can lead to the spread of syphilis, hepatitis or HIV.


Dubai, the new playground of fashion

If last summer Ibiza is crowned as the meeting point for designers, suppliers of playground equipment and models, now is the turn of the warm luxury of the Emirate.


Last August, Riccardo Tisci, creative director of Givenchy, turned Ibiza into the festive epicenter of the fashion industry. There he celebrated his forty birthday surrounded by models, artists and celebrities of all kinds. The island they came, among others, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, Anna Dello Russo and Natasha Polly, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Months later, the festive fashion compass has set other coordinates. Dubai, one of the seven Emirates that form United Arab Emirates back to roaring with strength after five years of languishing splendor and economic crisis. The effects of the great recession have been lighting a new reality in which the luxury creates green less flamboyantly. Friends who never abandoned it and new visitors have returned to Dubai in orbit.

The last days of December various profiles on social networks confirmed the good news coup of geolocation. The designer Olivier Rousteing, creative director of Balmain and responsible for the ultimate triumph of Kimye in fashion, traveled to the Emirate of Dubai to spend the end of year. They followed a numerous army of models led by Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, two of the professionals that more successes harvested last year. The first was the star of the last special of bath from Sports Illustrated and in October starred in one of the covers of our magazine. In 2014 paraded for dozens of firms and Guess he signed it for his campaign next spring. Kendall Jenner, the last surprise media and the most famous clan of United States professional, has earned a place in fashion in its own right. In February, he made his debut on the runways of Marc Jacobs hand and soon took the covers of Love or Dazed & Confused. In autumn, few were firms that favor her to present their summer collections by 2015.

Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner were not alone in Dubai. In recent weeks as Josephine Skriver, Dev Windsor or Chanel Iman models have joined the party without end of the Persian Gulf. Also passing through the singer Selena Gómez or the actress Shay Mitchell (Pretty little liars). Many of them agreed on the place to celebrate the new year’s Eve, although they also had time to visit mosques, water sports or pose wearing the hijab(headscarf) and the abaya, the tunic dress women in some Arab countries.

The choice of Dubai as a new place for recreation is no coincidence. In 2008 the Emirate aroused fresh glare that led to the oilfield found in 1966, a triviality if compared to the neighbouring Qatar. After several decades in which infrastructure development and trade liberalization had a dominant role, the first years of the 21st century were crucial to shore up your identity: skyscrapers and artificial islands allowed Dubai to rely on tourism to succeed. However, the global crisis showed the fragility of an economy too dependent on the spree of Western desire to. A succulent loan of the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi and the arrival of foreign investors returned to grease machinery in 2011.


According to company Emaar Properties, 15% of the global turnover of the luxury industry from sales that generate the stores of the Mall, The Dubai Mall, the largest in the world.

Photo: Cordon Press

Since Dubai has regained its prestige and has managed to correct their deficiencies.Fashion, delivered to the fireworks industry that motivate second chances, has placed their trust in this paradise – a trend that probably will sign other economic sectors-. At the end of the year party joined other circumstances which in recent months have ratified the resurrection of the Emirate, as the celebration of the last parade of Chanel resort or the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience 2014, the second edition of an initiative coupled by Franca Sozzani, Director of Vogue Italy, to promote emerging talent and support local industry.

Who has never doubted the potential of Dubai is Paris Hilton. The most famous heiress of the world – who later became of singer, designer, DJ and entrepreneur success- account with several businesses in the territory and visit it frequently. But from now on all residents of the Emirate will have to choose: the last visits and the increasing popularity of the place presage the imminent arrival of more familiar faces. The crisis in Dubai is over, and many are already celebrating.


Paris Hilton, a regular visitor to the Emirate.


5 ideas for celebrating your wedding in spring

Marry in spring offers many possibilities. The time and the spring colors are the protagonists to leave a wedding at this time round.

In this post we are going to give some ideas and tips to organize your wedding in Gloriamar in spring, with few guests. It is not that you can plan a themed wedding around this station, but include things like colors, flowers and the weather to give you a charm and a special touch to your big day.

FotorCreated ceremonia

1. the ceremony.
If you decide to celebrate in our restaurant you have two possibilities, either inside the Vancouver wedding patio or on the terrace , or, if you prefer and you weather you can do the ceremony on theBeach. We recommend making wedding day if you going to be held in the spring, will have a more natural light.


2. banquet. Based on a few guests wedding, n our restaurant offers you two options depending on the number of guests, well cocktail reception or seated at tables, we adapt to you. As for the menuyou want, get in touch with us, tell us what idea you have and send you several possibilities for your perusal.5

3. decoration of the tables. Get married in spring offers a wealth of possibilities of colors and flowers for the centerpieces. In the photos we give you some ideas.


4 invitations and gifts. It is very important that each one of the things that make up the event are in relationship, whether it’s a wedding in spring as it is the case, the invitations and the details that will give attendees to the ceremony must accompany the theme.FotorCreated invitaciones

  • Some examples of invitations:

Details and gifts for the guests:

FotorCreated detalles invitados

5. decorative details: we refer to the details that make your wedding as a photocall more special so the guests have fun and take a souvenir. The layouts of the guests, a sweets table or a bottle with messages for the newlyweds…


They colors that accompany you in spring are warm and pastel tones.
The flowers of this era are: anthuriums, Bouvardillas, Crocus, Snowdrop, sunflowers, Isis, Lylis, daffodils, thoughts, herbaceous plants, roses, tulips and violetsthis type of decorative elements are essential if you want a wedding with charm.




10 reasons to advertise online videos

Already do online video advertising is not only reserved for major advertisers. Distribution and production costs have dropped so much that even a small SMEs cannot afford to opt to advertise their company by this between innovator and differentiator. I present 10 reasons to do so.

Video advertising is probably one of the formats and trends that more growth will have in 2011. Not my work is based on no study but on pure intuition. The market is evolved so favorably that any company of any size can promote in this way. Here are 10 reasons to try something different and make online video advertising.

1. more clicks per 1000 impressions: based on statistics of the campaigns that we launched with Coguan, the videobanners tend to have between 50 to 100% more clicks on average. So the video isa more effective format because the user perceives it as something more entertaining than a “normal” banner.

2. very good value for money: as I said before, prices have fallen significantly as well as the available inventory. When earlier paid a minimum of $ 5 (excluding the cost of ad server) by CPM, today companies like Coguan that you offer it from a price of 1.50 Euros including technological cost.

3. greater level of interactivity: the video format allows a higher level of interaction. E.g. could be integrated steps where the user decides on the continuation of the video or a collection of data at the end of the transmission to see the end of the video, or get another type of response.

4. create emotions and connect: a video allows you to connect better with the user because they are more useful to convey emotions. To sell the trust is key that can be achieved in this way.

5. the images speak louder than words: If this is true for images can understand even better than a video of a wider margin to convey messages, emotions, or the use of a product. The combination of product and the emotions that create the person tend to be very powerful selling tools.

6 differentiate yourself from the competition: If your competition is only advertised on search engines and makes a bit of display advertising You can differentiate between doing something different. The video is used by relatively few companies but this window of opportunity to be one of the first will be closing gradually seen the benefits.

7 create a viral marketing: before we enchufábamos a video on Youtube and hoped to create a viral marketing. Today the video advertising is an additional channel of distribution that allows to reach a target audience choosing a specific audience through marketplaces such as the Coguan.

8. synergies with other channels: if it’s a large advertiser already being advertised on television synergies can be created using the TV spot also online. Seen that Internet allows us to better measure the interaction of the video with the user We can also improve the effectiveness of ads on television.

9 production cost low: If you’re an advertiser SMEs or micro-enterprise You can also make online video advertising. Everyone has a mobile phone that allows you to record videos. “Home” videos are authentic but 100% professional are not carried out in a manner. Authenticity is the key to build trust, which is the basis of the sale.

10. greater branding impact: a video draws more attention. We capture the attention for about 20 to 30 seconds the user. Reminder of a brand, product or company level is therefore higher than in a less interactive banner. The effect of branding for advertisers is greater.

Online video advertising and corporate video production Calgary allow a branding at a lower cost than even an SME may be allowed. What are the advantages that see you in advertising with this interactive medium?


How to be an SEO expert.

The organic SEO or SEO positioning( also called référencement in French), began to be known at the beginning of the 21st century, with the explosion of internet and the massive use that people began to make the large search engines. After spending more than one decade since Google became the big search engine used by almost all of the “West”, internet has already surpassed the 50,000 million pages indexed. Thus, doubling the number of web pages indexed by the search engine during the past two years. This explosive expansion, has become to the internet a medium with a fierce competitiveness. Which is why, every time is more important that web pages have not only a good design but also a good SEO optimization, because only those companies that implemented a consistent and intensive,positioning and Web optimization techniques will be able to stand out above your competition consistently.

But then, what is SEO? SEO marketing online? Search Engine Optimization or search engine optimization is the process of constant improvement of the visibility of a website in the search engines for organic or natural. A process that is carried out by hand, working both in the external environment and internal Web environment.

Are there experts in SEO?

Posicionamiento SEO - Empresa experta en SEO y optimización WebAs in any other area of work, Web positioning, also there are experts.And to honor the truth, there are many types of experts in SEO, because as it says the the popular “each maestrillo has its booklet”. Some are experts in internal optimization, others on creating quality content, experts in selection of keywords and SEO experts in acquisition of links.

As you have seen, there are several branches that an SEO expert should cover, and the truth is that it is very difficult to find an expert in SEO that it dominates all these branches to perfection. Moreover, it is normal to findSEO professionals that they are doing everything but they are very good at one or the other. And if at this point, all this seems little, these characteristics that a good SEO should have, the work of optimisation of the internal contents of a web is is joining him increasingly to social networks.

What is Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO?

¿Influye el Kharma en el Posicionamiento Web? Once explained that it is the SEO, it is right and necessary to explain that, as in every industry and sector in the SEO also there are good and bad professional practices. Naturally, everyone wants to appear on the first result on the first page of Google, and this has been causing the emergence of practices that we could qualify as Spam.

It is called Black Hat SEO those techniques used by SEO professionalswhose sole purpose is to deceive the search engines to achieve the first position of Google. On the other hand, is called White Hat SEO to those followed by experts in SEO techniques that are within the limits that marked the search engine editorial guidelines.(See Publishing Google for Web Masters guide)

What characteristics have a good SEO?

After 4 years of experience learning and improving my knowledge in the world of SEO have come to various conclusions about what should be the characteristics of a good SEO. These are personal opinions, with which anyone can be at odds, but in my opinion they are essential:

  • A good SEO expert must live in State BETA: functional and empirical research is the daily bread of any SEO that intends to make his career rather prosperous. To carry out a continuous improvement process is necessary to try different things and apply those that actually work.
  • The good SEO should be a constant learning appetite: think that this feature is applicable to any good professional, because in times in which we live never leave out new things that largely deny or diminish the importance of the above. But in the case of the professional SEO, the appetite for learning must be a daily constant that is repeated as the eating or drinking. Read articles and books written by other experts, attend gatherings with colleagues and make your profession a hobby and an obsession, are the best recipes for success.
  • A good SEO professional must also be a good writer: It is essential to achieve the attraction of reader.Therefore it is not only necessary to write well. Write without mistakes and grammatical errors, but also do it attractively and clearly. Because at the end, for a player, the decision between clicking on the first or second result will depend on what holder or description becomes more attractive and relevant.
  • A SEO must always have an analytical perspective: SEO is based on constant and methodical apply different techniques of analysis that will show us what should be the approach we must follow when optimizing a website. Both from the point of view of competition analysis, the analysis of incoming Web traffic and the analysis of navigation that users carry out when users visit our website. All of this is necessary to know that changes must be applied.
  • The good SEO is the one who has experience and is honest and has ethics: unfortunately ethics and honesty are two practices that increasingly seem to be less fashionable. However, from my humble point of view they are as essential as experience. These three characteristics make up a triangle virtuous that it can only generate benefits. If your SEO expert possesses these qualities it can be quiet, the evolution of your website will be on the right track. Perhaps not as quickly as you expected, but at least you will have the security that the constant updates of Google’s algorithm are not caught unprepared or penalize your website by having been doing SPAM activities. Time always gives the reason who walks with a firm step.

What is it that makes a good SEO professional?

  • Previous consulting SEO website: this analysis should contain four aspects. 1) current situation of websearch engines. (2) study of the most important SEO aspects within their website. (3) study of the situation in which the competition. (4) study of the most relevant keywords for the Web page in question.
  • Internal site optimization: once done SEO consultingwork, starts to work in the Online optimization of the site. Based on the data previously studied and optimized each page of the website.
  • External optimization: development of a strategy for generation of Backlinks, (links that point to your web page). While at the same time is continues to create quality content on the web.
  • Results measurement: analysis of the data generated by a Manager to your web statistics and the evolution of the position of the website in the search engines for those keywords selected.
  • Return to begin: rethinking of the ideas found in the Web consulting. Emphasis on those aspects which have room for improvement and new keyword search.

How to hire a SEO expert?

As once said William Shakespeare: “honesty is the best policy, if I lose my honor I miss myself. And what I mean by this phrase is when you go to hire an SEO you do it by your knowledge and experience, but also for its seriousness and candor.

Having said that, there is nothing that I can tell you that it won’t you tell Google, so here I leave the link in which the big search engine gives tips on things that ask when hiring an SEO expert. And if you want to contact us, do not hesitate, we are happy to work with your company.


How to make homemade flavored waters

Cómo hacer aguas saborizadas caseras

You don’t need to buy bottled drinks selling in the market. If you’re not drinking plenty of water but you know that it is very good for your body, you may try these delicious recipes of homemade fruit water infused. At home, in minutes, natural and thirst-quenching. Ideal for the summer.

Essential principle of flavored waters

Without a doubt, water is the best thing that we can choose to quench the thirst and to hydrate our bodies. However, not all like to drink it in quantity or outside meals. Currently it has become fashionable eating in restaurants, bars and gyms “flavored waters”, competing with soft drinks and sodas as an alternative low calorie or gasless.

Almost all brands of flavored waters that are sold in the market have water and the addition of one or more chemical flavourings. However, the term of “flavored water” is old. The general formula of which is: fruit (or vegetable, herbs, spices), sugar (or syrup, stevia, honey) and cold water (with ice).

Agua tibia de limon

The fruits most commonly used to make flavored waters are plum, Apple, pear, Orange, lemon, lime, Tangerine, grapefruit, strawberry, BlackBerry and blueberry. In the case of vegetables, cucumber, the hinoho and the celery.

Favorite herbs are Mint, lemon balm, parsley, basil, the lemon verbena, Rosemary, Sage, the lemongrass, thyme, dill and tarragon. And in terms of spices you can use ginger, cinnamon, pink pepper, star anise, pepper and clove.

These preparations “admit” a lot of ingredients and different variables, according to the tastes of each, or whatever you have available at home if we don’t want to go out to buy. The imagination will help us to enjoy these waters flavored in minutes.

Both vegetables as fruit must be cut well fine (sliced) to give a surface from exposure to water and at the same time that they can get their juices for flavor drink. Maceration in several cases is 12 hours, so you can prepare the night and leave in the refrigerator for drinking from the morning.

Zumo de naranja

Recipes for homemade flavored waters

  • Of Apple, citrus and cucumber flavored water: need 1 Green Apple, medium cucumber, 1 orange, 120 cc of syrup, a litre and a half of water and ice. Remember that longer macerate in the refrigerator, will have more flavor. Put the syrup in a small saucepan with four tablespoons of water. Heat until the boil, strain and becomes a pitcher. Place the fruits and vegetables cut into slices and the rest of the water. The ice should be added a little before serving. Once we drink the water, fruits will have much flavor yet, to what can be filled with water, replace the syrup and cool again. A variant for the syrup is a liquid sweetener.
  • Water flavored with Mint, Apple and citrus fruit: The ingredients for this recipe are medium Green Apple, 1 orange, 120 cc of syrup, 2 sprigs of fresh mint, a litre and a half of water and ice. Instead of Orange can be you lemon, Mandarin orange or grapefruit. The preparation of syrup is respected as in the previous recipe. Maceration time is one hour in the refrigerator.

Zumo de granada

  • Berries, lemon verbena and lemon flavored water: OS requirements for this delicious drink half a cup of raspberries, half a cup of blackberries, lemon, 120 cc of syrup, 2 sprigs fresh lemon verbena and a litre of water and much ice. After heating the syrup, place the fruits red washed and cut into thin slices. You will have a pink colour and a very sweet flavor.Leave to marinate for an hour in the refrigerator and place the ice before serving.
  • Flavored water Hibiscus (or Flor de Jamaica): The hibiscus gets dry in the dietary and tea houses or naturists. The ingredients are two tablespoons of flowers, a liter of water, ice, and sugar to taste. First flowers with a liter of water should moisturise during one hour. Then prepare an infusion by boiling for 15 minutes. Let cool, strain on the jug and diluted with more water, sugar to taste (or sweetener) and ice.
  • Tamarind flavored water: It is a popular drink in Mexico and is performed with pods or sweet dough (you can look at the diet if they have). Six of these pods of tamarind (or paste), you need a liter of water, sugar to taste, cold water and ice. Peel pods and use the inner pulp, boiling, crushing a little and performs an infusion. Let cool, strain and dilute with cold water, sugar and enough ice.
  • Water flavored citrus sugar free: for those who can not eat sugar and also want to enjoy the flavored waters, this recipe is ideal. The ingredients are a liter of water, two tablespoons of grated ginger, orange juice, a lemon and a grapefruit and sweetener helped taste. It heats the water and soon the boil add the ginger. Leads to the refrigerator and let it stand until it cools completely (do not place the boiling pot, wait several minutes for it to temple). Then add juices and if you want to be stronger as citric, you can grate a little shells. It takes one little longer to the refrigerator and served with ice and a little sweetener if desired.


In what I hope the arrival of the adaptation of Warcraft Duncan Jones (sounding very promising), I got to remember the bad many adaptations that have come to the cinema. These are the 10 that I have hated most. You are able to find them at movie tube.

Doom (2005)

With the exception of a sequence in the first person, there is nothing that rescue from this adaptation. It could even you have any other title and be coherent, it is an absurdly complex plot action in space. Nor the sympathy of The Rock could save this boring film. you are now able to Watch Movies Online Free.

DOA: Dead or Alive (2006)

It may not be a huge surprise that watch recent movies has been very bad, because even though he had what one would expect from an adaptation of this fighting game (i.e. girls sensual and even a beach volleyball game), was not anything more than that. Go, is so bad that even the premise of attractive girls could help you.

BloodRayne (2005)

Uwe Boll is a German director who has dedicated much of his career to making horrible adaptations of video games. In this particular case, there is no history, structure or coherence. The most surprising thing is that Sir Ben Kingsley took part here, but later confessed that he did not act with the best judgment to accept that role.

Wing Commander (1999)

Anyone would think that, having the creator of the game involved, the result of adapting this title ships would be nice, but not even remotely. Ribbon headlined by Freddy Prinze Jr. was terrible effects, bad performances and uncomfortable moments that only caused laughter.

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997)

Once the first tape was not one failure as others in this same list, the sequel went completely wrong. Of actors, poor visual effects and very little consistency, changes made to the story of these brave fighters who want to save the Earth from Shao Kahn, simply stay as a critical flop and blockbuster (and in the mind that we should not forget the waste of time that was).

Alone In The Dark (2005)

Yes, Uwe Boll gave us another disgusting adaptation of a popular franchise. Already had doubts about the project with Christian Slater’s character, but in the first moment we saw Tara Reid of archaeologist, this could only worsen. And he did it.Performances that stood out for the terrible thing that are, a story poorly told and special effects of fear (but made wrong)… the list is endless.

Double Dragon (1994)

The game had a fairly simple story: there is a woman who is hit in the stomach and kidnapped by thugs. Someone has to help them. But the film version gave us an amulet with powers, 2007 post-apocalyptic world and a few siblings who seem not to much to say. We would like to forget that we saw this film.

Super Mario Bros. (1993)

This is not only a terrible adaptation of video games, also is a terrible film in every way. The idea of doing a version of Mario Bros world “realistic” sci-fi. not resulted in a disorder of film that nothing or no one could fix. And please, don’t forget that Yoshi is a small velociraptor in this film.

House of the Dead (2003)

Once again, Uwe Boll made mischief with a tape that moves both the premise of the video game, which in the end only share name. The plot revolves around young people who want to get to a party in an island that, oh surprise, is full of zombies. And the actors who star in the game? Ah of course, apparently this is a prequel… That Yes, good work of Boll, is very funny.

Street Fighter (1994)

Long ago, when we found out that Van Damme would be Guile in the film, we feel very excited. But with only a few minutes to see him with his strange accent, we sink in disappointment. To that we add a boring plot, uninteresting fights and Kylie Minogue as Cammy, and we have one of the worst attempts of adaptation – in general – in the history of cinema. Even a small parody of Jackie Chan’s name City Hunter tape achieved something much better (if you don’t know what I am talking about, search for it on youtubeonfire).


How to know if someone has installed you a program to spy on iPhone


We all know that smartphones are not a simple phone.

In them we can download applications, read the mail, to have our list of contacts, personal documents, documents of work, important notes, photos and plenty of information that, at any given time, can commit ourselves if we the device is stolen or if they installed some application that is dedicated to instant checkmate review all that stored information to us, and not at all pleasant, quite the opposite. They are the so-called “spyware”.

But how do you know if someone has installed on your device that kind of programs?. From iPhoneA2 we want to teach you how to detect if your iPhone has been or is being handled by third parties without your consent.

How to know if a program I have spyware on my iPhone

No one better than you know your device, so if you notice that suddenly starts to make “strange things”, it could be that you had a so-called spies program installed on it.

While many of these programs claim to be undetectable, there is a way to know if your iPhone is sending information to someone else and that can know it with the illumination of the device without coming to story.

We already know that notifications illuminate the screen when we receive them, but if you’re with the fly behind the ear, we recommend that for a while, you loading that function, in such a way that if you see that the device illuminates without coming to the point, it is certainly because it is sending information from your iPhone to the person who installed the program.

Also if you find that when you go to turn it off, it takes much more that what did normally, could be that you had installed such programs (is very similar to when you have a Trojan on your computer).

Fully charged iPhone and let it idle a few hours, you can do so at night when going to sleep. You will know that something doesn’t work well if when you wake up you see that the battery’s charge has reduced considerably.

That means that the program has been working and sending information, so obviously your device battery is exhausted.

It also controls the invoice of your phone operator. When you hire the mobile services, you have a limit of data varies depending on the company to which you belong. If you see on the invoice that you’ve gone and enough in sending data and you sure that this is impossible because you have not used this service to power on pass the rate you have contracted, it is possible that someone has installed you one of these programs.

Another way to detect if your iPhone is being handled is looking at the menu bar. Only you know the icons that you have in it, so if you suddenly see an icon that seem strange and you do not have installed any application that generates that icon, could be the icon of the program spyware.

Although these indications we can help you to detect if they have installed you any program spy on the iPhone, you have to know that those who are engaged in this, increasingly spin thinner, making often very difficult to know exactly if your device has been or is being handled, so if you remember having left your iPhone lately someone , or you left it at home or you’ve lost sight on occasion of it and as you said at the beginning you start to notice that it makes “weird stuff”, you should know that possibly you have installed yourself one of those programs.

And surely, if happened to you or you are taking at the moment you’re wondering what you can do right?.

Well, the best thing you can do in these cases is to restore the iPhone as if it were a new one, but you know what that means, you will lose all data stored in it so far.

This is the only case in which I am not going to advise that you install the backup, since possibly that copy is included the spyware and you’d come back to be in the same.

Resetting the device as if it was a new one that cause is to clear everything, and when we say everything is everything!, including the program that is bringing so many headaches.

And now finally, if we accept a tip, we will tell you to use security code to access your device while you seem annoying to have to enter it every time you access it.

We are sure that this simple annoyance, if you have ‘sensitive’ information on your device it will not so much if you calculate the risks to which you are exposed.

Nor let your device to other people without being your present while they manipulate it.

So if you suspect that someone is having access to your personal information, do not hesitate and reset to factory values, we believe that it is the best thing you can do.

Do you think that your iPhone is being handled by someone else?. Do you ever seen you in this situation? Do you know another way to detect if the device is being handled.?


Prostitutes and dubbed in ancient Rome


In classical Rome prostitution was understood as a social good and necessary.

Which, no doubt, is the oldest profession in the world, was exercised in the capital of the Empire both by men and by women of different social rank. These sex workers offered their services following the sexual mores of a society as the Roman, where the biggest taboos were oral sex and montreal escorts and the fact of assuming the role of passive.

  • The brothels were an important social function.
  • Law in Rome was not intended to prostitutes because they violated no law , but these lacked certain privileges.
  • The Romans preferred the professionals of love, blonde, in imitation of German slaves and escort south east london.
  • Both the fellatio as the cunnilingus were considered degrading and repugnant practices and were the most expensive service.
  • The rent boys offered to practice oral sex to their clients.
  • The Empress Messalina he had fame sex addict and prostitute


Can be responsible for feeding the twins Romulus and Remuswas a prostitute rather than a Wolf, already the word lupanar(whose meaning was brothel) emerged in the Rome, own to root the term “magnifying glass” used to designate both the animal and the woman dedicated to such ex officio. TheRoman prostitutes, the lupae, developed its activities in the so-called brothels.

In ancient Roman society, the worst crime that could make a woman was adultery. Subject to the dictates of the pater families (head of household), this could divorce her if it was surprising it and to make it run.

On the contrary, spouses could take “a canita air” in the brothels, authentic brothels and nightclubs of Vice which, to a large extent, contributed to the relief of the lower sexual instincts, avoiding many infidelities.During that time, the undeniable social function of brothels or brothels, sometimes, was hiding in the temples, where priestesses, usually experienced dancers, exercised the sacred prostitution as a service to the gods, to claim his favors in offerings to the temple.

Already said it Cato the elder,

“It’s good that young people possessed by lust go to brothels instead of having to bother the wives of other men”

The brothels Romans were poorly ventilated and lighted and presented a cochambroso appearance.

In them, there was a reception area open to the street, separated by a curtain; inside, prostitutes dressed with gauze or bare moved to be able to be inspected by potential clients, or could be seated in chairs or armchairs.Each had a room furnished with a bed, either wood or brick. The women advertised are according to their specialty in the reception area. No stay available curtain or window by which the privacy has not cared too.


The prostitute was a hard life, when not desperate, as they were slaves or free women. The very wordprostitute comes from pro statuere, i.e. be placed forward, show. Brothels were dens of Vice, relatively cheap, which could access the middle classes. The rates that are charged for a service could amount to the of a drink at a tavern.

But the sex, too, had place in the streets, the arcades of the old theatres, or the baths, which become a promiscuous place to disappear the separation between sexes, even in cemeteries in the imperial age.

In the long run, it seems that many prostitutes were libertas, so not only would have earned enough to buy his freedom, but that remained in the once free trade. Others became madames and remained in the profession in an indirect way.

When the influx of German slaves long blond hairs excited the curiosity of the Romans, extended the habit distinguish the prostitutes by the color of their hair, being forced by law to wear blond wigs to differentiate themselves.

Law not persecuted Roman prostitutes because they violated no law, but these lacked certain privileges: they could not marry with free Romans(probrosae), and could not write Testament nor receive inheritance (infamia). However, the sexual licentiousness of the prostitutes was synonymous of disgrace ; in the middle of the 1st century its services began to be taxed so that they had to to pay a tax.

In addition to paying your taxes, prostitutes had to register in registers to offer its activity and even had its own annual holiday celebrated on December 23.


The verb fornicate comes from the so-called fornices, which were the cells where prostitutes used to its customers. The arcades of large public buildings also calls fornices, such as theatres and amphitheatres, were also a common meeting place.

Artistic samples from Pompeii provide graphic examples of what a prostitute had to offer. Acts considered by the general culture as touch display.

In the Roman world were certain distinctions among women engaged in this old profession;

  •  The shovel, which could not afford to choose, accept any that I could pay the demanded price,
  • the more refined prostitute was the delicatae, who gave his body to who she wanted,
  • the copae, were those that were offered in taverns or cauponas, and
  • the meretrix, say businesswoman who obtained the trade benefits.


Interior decoration of a lupanar at Pompeii

The cunnilingus and fellatio , even what we know as the 69 position, they implied oral contact and were considered dirty and degrading that a customer could order and practices therefore were better paid services.It also exercised in the street, places to sell well were markets and areas with public buildings because there were many potential customers there.
Leno was the pimp charged with maintaining order and charged a Commission for the service of the prostitute.

Evil tongues say that the third wife of Emperor Claudius,Messalina, had rented their own fornice with the pseudonym of Lycisca, serving prostitution to satisfy his voracious sexual appetite. Once has that Messalina, came to compete with another professional in a lupanar and that in only one day you fornicated with a few hundred men. Finished his day as a woman’s sex, it reverted to their imperial residence, but not before deliver the Commission due to the log.


Unlike ancient Greece, Rome , which had as concerning the Godpriapus of fertility, a large penis was considered a major sign of attraction and masculinity. Petronio, writer and the first third of the century Roman politician I, describes with admiration how a man with a huge penis in a public restroom sought meetings excited. Many Roman emperors have been satirizados by surrounded by men with big sexual organs.

Interestingly, in ancient sources are explicit testimony of the existence, also dubbed who, presumably, provided their services both to men and women. Around 200 A.d. There was a walkway where gathered the dubbed, specializing in active and passive roles.

The prestigious jurist Paulo, points out that a prostitute could be killed by a husband if this surprising him having sex with his wife. In fact, prostitutes Roman arrived to complain of competition posed to them these young rent boys, whose services were better paid by customers.

The statio cunnulingiorum, were the usual places where the protitutos were offered to practice oral sex to their clients.


The pimp was omnipresent. It (were of both sexes) organized, controlled and exploited the prostitutes.Known as Leno it is responsible for maintaining order and charged a service fee to each prostitute. He collected personally or as agent of a large wealthy investor part of revenues from a girl, at least one-third, but most likely more.

If given him room, clothing or food, prostitutes had to pay them out of your earnings. For providing their services, the girls charged very different prices. But usually were very low prices, around a quarter denarius.


As occurs today day, some of these women were forced to jump into the streets of the most depressed neighborhoods, as the of the Suburain Rome, and to compete with the refined luxury prostitutes.

The lowest class of Roman society also was dedicated to prostitution, so that the markets of slaves delivered to the citizens Roman Gladiators, menial servants and, in addition, accepting prostitutes. Many of the maids and domestic slaves maintained or they were forced to have sex with their masters, to the extent that the increase of birth outside the family worried about the Emperor Augusto, who promulgated laws against adultery. Unwanted pregnancies They were also resolved through abortifacient potions provided by the vagina, or, once the children are born, committinginfanticide or abandoning them.

The physical abuse by clients were common. The excess of sexual practices caused serious infections, particularly of the urinary tract, as well as vaginal and anal injuries.


Although prostitution was frowned upon in Rome, the brothels or brothels had an essential role and they multiplied in the cities of the Empire and, judging by testimonies that remain in the city of Pompeii, in sufficient numbers to meet the needs of the entire population.

It is estimated that in the first century of our era could be in Rome around 32,000 people practising prostitution.

Roman society sinned a considerable hypocrisy. The disdain he inspires prostitution remains today, while today, as in ancient Rome, it is society itself that demand such services.


‘The Digital Agency feel Thailand not generated distrust’

“Circuit complete by Thailand 700 euros”. This was one of the baits used by ‘Feel Thailand, the online travel agency allegedly guilty of defrauding more than a thousand people who had contracted their services.

Under the ‘ Super offer 2011′claim, the digital business and seo bangkok offered to customers in Thailand vacation packages.



The price of complete services offered was 1,600 euros, but the client had the option of searching on your own flight and 900, is deducted so the trip with hotel, transport and tourist routes including stayed at 700 euros.

The Agency was run by the tarragonès Pedro Marti Alcantara, who earned the trust of their victims for being Spanish and being married to a Thai. Marti offered a deal friendly and close to its ‘clients’, which emphasize speed and efficiency by providing detailed information about the destination of your choice.

Silvia Stinga is one of those affected by this scam. Along with her boyfriend, I was planning a trip to Tailandia-Vietnam to August 9. The couple says that “Marti not generated mistrust because he was very attentive and the price wasn’t too cheap”. The secret of the farce resided on offer as well as other for intermediaries but with a much more careful attention.

STINGA explains that they initiated contact with Pedro Martí in January.Silvia and her boyfriend hired the ‘basic package’, and the travel agency offered them the option of paying an entry and the rest paid him upon his arrival in Bangkok. Thus, the losses of the couple amounted to 800 euros, so somehow are considered ‘lucky’ among the rest of those affected, whose losses exceed 1,000 euros per head.

According to the damnificada, 12 May was the deadline for making the bank transfer for all those interested in booking the trip. Marti Alcantara said when he received the money “in a few days would send them locators of the tickets and reservations for the hotels so that they could verify the data, but never returned to hearing”.

Silvia says that at no time questioned the reliability of the organization ‘Feel Thailand’ because on the web appeared details Pedro Marti and as you have seen, are true. Therefore, is convinced that the scam was not premeditated. “Pedro Martí was overflowing, with far more money than he had imagined and fled”, explains the affected.

According to police sources, the scam could exceed the 700,000 euros.The swindler, upon which rests a warrant of arrest, is missing.

Complaints to the company are multiplying every day and come from all parts of Spain, but they mainly come from Catalonia, Valencia, Madrid, Andalusia, Basque country and Tenerife.

Silvia Stinga says she and her partner to keep your trip on foot, since they had purchased tickets on their own, but that “this time they will organize it without any middleman.”

Previous distrust in the forums

There are many web pages in which users exchange their impressions about their travel, airlines, hotels, agencies, etc. ‘Feel Thailand’ was sold as a new company, and therefore generated some disbelief among its users.

In various forums, such as for example Tripadvisor.com, clients ‘Feel Thailand’, discussed the many ‘suspicious’ aspects of the Agency.

After inquiries from consumers themselves, some comments we learn that“the company did not appear on the civil registry”. A complete distrust by there is no previous references or reviews of any traveler who had enjoyed a ‘special offer’ like this can be seen in others. But without doubt, the sympathy and good treatment offering by Pedro Martí, along with the illusion that their victims had to make the trip, silenced any doubts.


Tips for choosing an overnight summer camp

Some camps have an approach as religious, academic studies, and competitive sports. The variety of courses available is currently almost innumerable, i.e., some specialized camps that may have left availability even in the summer. Each summer, more than 10 million children and counselors attend day camps and summer overnight across the country camps.


Basically, if you can think of any topic of interest, it is likely there is a camp specializing in that area. How much more artistically minded could consider the possibility of Arts and crafts, clown, theater, photography, or dance to be important elements of a well-rounded camping experience. There are summer camps at night with a focus on personal improvement, weight loss and emotional support services. You are able to ask experts in camping and psychology for Advice for summer sleepaway camp for teens.

There are camps during the summer night which are mixed camps, kids camps, girls camps or camps here, where children may have places and separate activities. There are four basic types of fields to choose for your child: day, midnight movie or summer overnight camp programs programs for day excursions and special needs camps. Special needs courses meet the needs of a wide range of children with disabilities; These camps offer an experience of summer camp outdoor activities along with a therapeutic environment.

Four weeks in a good summer or midnight-movie camp private overnight camp will cost between $3,500 to $6500, and eight weeks will be $4000 to $7000. Although the camp counselor jobs usually do not pay very well, usually the minimum wage or less, directors receive Board and lodging free; many take the work mainly for the experience of camping. Try to determine if it incorporates a philosophy similar to the implementation of the field as it does in the upbringing of their child or children.

Camp tuition can be costly; similar to a travel insurance, now there are insurance policies for families who send their children to a summer camp during the night to cover cancellations last, nostalgia, medical emergencies and emergency evacuations. Best overnight summer sports camps do much more to improve the skills of soccer, tennis, lacrosse, or wrestling a camper – to help each child become a more skillful athlete, a friendly competitor, a more committed team player, and a more confident person.

Visit the camp; You can see the campers and counselors in its element, activities of witnesses that are produced, and only get a general feeling in the camp, something that can not be experienced with precision when the camp is closed.

Meet the director of the camp of a visit in person to your home if possible conversations, telephone, email or other correspondence. At the camp would benefit your child more if he or she interacted more with the opposite sex? Weight loss camps are for children and teenagers to help them learn how to lose weight and how staying in shape while having a great experience of summer camp during the night.

The majority of camp counselors are in the late teens or twenties and are high school and college students on their summer vacation. Some camps are often called camp adventure – with a theme or a very specific interest; many of these programs emphasize skill development and personal growth through the adventures of the offer. There are many types of summer camps at night with a focus in education serving students with different ages and academic interests.

If you spend the time to research your options and include your child in all decisions, he or she most likely is that you have a memorable experience that offers opportunities to grow while having a lot of fun and make new friends. Check and evaluate the brochures and promotional material; read the print time. Take consider well what can reasonably afford to pay. If you believe that your child may not be ready for a midnight movie or summer overnight camp, choose a local camp in case the end having to do a collection of breaking in the event that he or she gets nostalgic.



Café verde y la obesidad

A study participants lost about 10% of their weight after six months of diet, exercise and grains unroasted

ABC-although we are accustomed to consuming it roasted, green coffee, or unroasted, can become a good option for those wishing todelgazar in a relatively short time period.

In a green coffee bean max reviews presented at the 243 annual meeting of the society American chemical, Dr. Joe Vinson and colleagues, of the University of Scranton (Pennsylvania), described how a group of people obese or overweight, which consumed green coffee beans every day for six months, managed to lose around 10% of their weight.

“Based on our results, take several capsules of extract of green coffee each day, provided that they join a diet low in fat and exercise regular, seems to be an effective, safe and inexpensive way lose weight”, explained Dr. Vinson during the meeting being held this week.

For research, they recruited 16 overweight people, aged between 22 and 26 years of age, who took capsules withextract of coffee and others with placebo, for 22 weeks. Participants alternated between low-dose (700 mg) andcafé verde a greater (from 1,050 mg) of extract and placebo, each for six weeks, to analyze the impact of different capsules in each person.

The calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins consumed did not change during the study nor the intensity of the workout.

Green coffee – less body fat

Participants lost an average of 7.7 kilos during the nearly six months lasting research, representing 10.5 percent of its total weight and 16 percent less bodyfat. The doctor Vinson warned that the weight loss was significantly faster if the participants had received placebo and one lower dose of extract of green coffee during part of the study.

The scientist said that preliminary investigations have already demonstrated the effectiveness of Las Mejores Pastillas para Adelgazar Rapido the green coffeeweight loss, but this is the first to use higher amounts of extract and measure the response to various doses.

The effect, according to Vinson, is due to a substance called chlorogenic acid , which is present in grains without toasting. The roasting give coffee its color, aroma and taste traditional, but makes that this substance is lost.


10 tips to have healthy and white teeth

10 tips para tener dientes sanos y blancos

They help us to chew, speak and smile, but if we don’t take care them well, they can ruin our face. Here Affordable Dentist Albuquerque will tell you how to keep them healthy and shining like pearls.

1. Prevents the manchadores of teeth

If you usually drink red wine, coffee or black tea and smoking, or in dreams wait have white teeth. Other culprits of staining the teeth are cola soft drinks, some sauces and dark juices. In a nutshell, if you get in your mouth something that stain your teeth, chances are that happen. Brush immediately after eating or drinking foods of dark color, and use a good home dental bleaching or goes to the dentist. Eating an Apple a day also helps to clean teeth.


2. Change your toothbrush…

.. .or head electric toothbrush at least once every two or three months; otherwise, you will be able to simply transfer bacteria into your mouth. According to Dr. Harold Katz, California dentist, the best way of brushing your teeth is place the brush at an angle of 45 degrees against the gums and slowly rub with circular movements, rather than back and forth movements.Holding the brush as if outside a pencil to not apply too much force to rub the bristles against the teeth.


3. Clean your tongue

Use a tongue scraper every morning to remove bacterial plaque that forms on it during the night. One of the main causes of bad breath is the accumulation of bacteria in the tongue, scraping diary helps to eliminate. In addition, the use of the scraper is more effective than rubbing the tongue with the toothbrush, says Dr. Katz.


4. Eat foods “detergent”

Consistency firm or crunchy foods help to clean teeth while they chew. Already mentioned apples (some dentists call them toothbrushes of nature); other good options include the raw carrots, celery, and popcorn. For best results, try to leave food “detergent” at the end of the meal if not you can brush your teeth immediately after eating.


5. Do gargling with Apple Cider vinegar

Do it in the morning, and then brush in the usual way. The vinegar helps to remove spots, whitens teeth and eliminates bacteria in the tongue and gums.


6. Brush your teeth with baking soda once a week

Thus eliminating stains and blanquearás your teeth. It uses bicarbonate as if they were toothpaste. Another option is to use salt as toothpaste. But beware of spit and rinse well to not increasing your intake of sodium! If you start to have irritation to gums, brush your teeth with salt every other day.


7. Keep fresh your breath

To check the freshness of your breath, lick the pal-ma in your hand and smell it until the saliva dries. If it smells bad, it is time to suck on a mint without sugar pill. Are you going to buy a mouthwash? Make sure that it does not contain alcohol. Most of the over-the-counter mouthwashes contain too much alcohol, which dries out the membranes of the mouth and makes them more vulnerable to the bacteria.


8. Learn to use dental floss with your eyes closed

If you learn to use the thread without having to guide you with a mirror, you can use it also inside the car, in the office and before any appointment or important meeting. Buy several dental floss dispensers, and distribute them among the car, the desk drawer and your bag or portfolio.


9. Brush your teeth to get up from the bed and before going to bed

They are the two crucial moments of the day, says Dr. Kathleen W. Wilson, internist Medical Center Health Ochsner, in New Orleans, and author of books. The explanation is that saliva – protecting plate teeth caries – causing bacterial dries overnight, so it is best to remove the plaque before going to bed. It is also important that you brush at first thing in the morning to remove plaque of bacteria (and bad breath!) that might have accumulated in your mouth while you slept.


10. It dissembles with color

If you’re a woman and you like to wear lipstick, choose one medium or light red coral color. These tones make make teeth look whiter, while lighter shades of lipsticks tend to highlight the yellowish color of the teeth.


Important information about burglar alarm for your home

The most valuable property you own in your life is your home, after making a constant effort to keep safe in critical condition. For each individual is actually a castle. House today unfortunately do not have moats, drawbridges, thick stone walls or walls to protect them. But with the use of modern devices, which can certainly make your home safe from unwanted intruders.

These days, there are many companies that have implemented security systems that are affordable and effective. With the use of these security systems you can keep intruders and criminals at Bay. Thief Birmingham will help keep your property and assets, as well as family safe, you can see the detail at burglaralarmbirmingham.co.uk 

The demand for burglar is on the rise today, as evidenced by the results of the protection of their property and home. The alarm is an electronic device that has a system of power supply and sensors connected to the low voltage main control panel. Screaming alarms will receive their attention once the system signals are disrupted, and thieves can get scared and flee.

In an alarm system typical, when windows and doors are broken or open, so the sensors information.You may also consider the purchase of wireless systems of modernization which are easier and cheaper to install. The intruder alarm Birmingham are considered one of the best ways to protect yourself from intruders who are tech-savvy.

In addition to the security of the home, burglar also has many other benefits. Burglar alarms also include carbon monoxide or trigger buttons and signals manual panic alarm. Systems designs theft ranging from complex communication for small objects that make noise. There are some high-tech settings of alarm burglar integrated multi-divided in areas, and some also come with computer technology. If you sign a monthly contract with the company for surveillance or control, then it will be offered free installation and equipment free.

When it comes to choosing the best anti-theft options are endless. Maintain a thorough and continuous inspection of the safety of the House is not possible; Hence the need for CCTV stems. We cannot close our car in the four walls of a watch to keep the thief intrusion in our House. There are some owners who believe that the security of the House can be done by hiring a security guard. However, with the increase in the number of thefts in recent times, no one can be easily reliably. There are many cases in which guard helps criminals and thieves in the theft of all households. Therefore, the best alternative in these cases is to opt for the installation of CCTV in house cameras.

The most common forms of security systems that forms the basis of most of the facilities are intrusion alarm systems. The prevalence of alarms burglar is popular due to their effectiveness, both as an element of deterrence and preventive measure taken against the intruders. As there are more options available when it comes to home security systems, it makes sense to do an investigation to make a wise decision.


How to be psychic

Some people believe that we all have psychic abilities. Some people may have more natural abilities than others, in the same way that some people have a penchant for mathematics or music. But as is the case with any other skill, the psychic abilities can be developed through practice – according to California Psychics Review.


  1. DevelopPsychic Step 1.jpg
    Meditate. He experimented with various techniques until you find one that you feel good. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to carry out the meditation. The important thing is that you can relax and focus your mind. If you continue with the practice of meditation for a good period of time, you will begin to notice the existence of your own spiritual energy. The connection with your spiritual self is that provides intuitive information. To strengthen the connection with your self spiritual will increase your psychic abilities. Meditation is not only important for the psychic abilities, also can help you in many aspects of life, for example, if your child has problems to read teach meditation and will likely improve. It may seem strange, but it helps a lot.
  2. DevelopPsychic Step 2.jpg
    Tries to be more aware of what surrounds you. When you wake up in the morning, make an effort to remain still for a few minutes without opening his eyes.Try to observe the different sounds, textures and smells before opening the eyes. This exercise, if it takes place during several weeks, can powerfully contribute to increase your levels of consciousness and intuition.
  3. DevelopPsychic Step 3.jpg
    To listen. The Act of listening is important to increase psychic awareness. After carrying out this exercise for some time, you will begin to notice an increase in general awareness that affects your level of intuition.
  4. DevelopPsychic Step 4.jpg
    Attention to the thoughts and feelings you have random. It carries a record in a journal all the time writing those thoughts that seem to appear out of nowhere.Over time, you may notice that some patterns begin to emerge. The thoughts which before seemed to be completely random and unrelated, begin to form the topics or ideas that you can recognize.
  5. DevelopPsychic Step 5.jpg
    Record your dreams in your daily. If you’ve followed the awareness-raising exercises described above, you may have noticed that your dreams are much easier to remember. Giving you yourself waking minutes to stay in bed, makes it much easier to remember the dreams and with more detail than if sales running from bed in the morning immediately after waking up. Set your alarm clock in order to play up to ten or fifteen minutes before the normal time to get that up. Give you time to remember your dreams and make some notes in your journal.
  6. Solitude_in_Academia_III.jpg
    Accepts the power of silence and loneliness. Stay away from the commotion, noisy activities and distractions can help you think more clearly in terms of the development of the internal mental precision and concentration. Surround yourself with the beauty of natural sounds like the singing of birds, the murmur of the water from a stream, a waterfall, etc. These natural echoes are known to improve intuition and psychic abilities. However, more importantly, expect the unexpected!

How to protect your PC

In this article we analyze the types of attacks more common to those who faced daily by the network and some recommendations for avoiding them.

We often wonder what we can do with each of the threats that are on the Internet.
Not a single program meets the threats to our security by sophisticated and complete that it may seem, there are security suites that combine various modes of protection for your computer such as anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware, Web content control etc.
Among the most used and recognized security suites from Norton, Mcafee, Panda and Kaspersky are.

In reality, the issue of security is something that not only depends on all programs that monitor our team, but also of ourselves.Here the factor human (or common sense) is as important as security strategies we implement with appropriate programs.

Below I will describe what everyone should have installed on our computers in order to use our PC and navigate much more secure, but also must be said that as much as we protect, all system security is likely to be vulnerable:

1. an antivirus.

Viruses are programs that are introduced into our computers in very different ways and that can produce unwanted and harmful effects. Once the virus has been introduced on the computer, will be placed in locations where the user can execute them unintentionally, so that the virus acts, it is necessary to run the infected program or a particular condition is met. It is why so on some occasions, the effects produced by a virus, appreciated time after its implementation.

The most common input media for viruses are:

1. the removable disk drives (floppy, CD-ROM, ZIP drives, pen drives etc.)

2 internet (browsing, e-mail, download files etc.)

3. a computer network of a company in which share files of all kinds, that if they are infected, can end up spreading all the computers on the network.

More likely to become infected files are the ones in storage media like hard disks or floppy disks. Those files, files or documents that have the characteristic of being programs will be more specifically infected. While these are the most normal, there are viruses that infect files that are not programs, like for example files that contain macros. These macros are programs that the user can include within a certain type of files and allow the execution of other programmes or other commands that can be lethal for our team.

Because of all this, an antivirus is the defensive system against viruses, worms, Trojans and other threats par excellence.Nowadays a computer without antivirus or not updated, is exposed to all kinds of attacks whose nefarious results range from loss of vital data to espionage in everything we do with it.
You have an antivirus has become a must for our team, especially if we are talking about at the corporate level, although increasingly is being used more on a personal level, since spending posed an antivirus is not comparable to which can lead us to recover data lost due to a virus.

There is a wide range of models of antivirus including choice, and prices are very interesting because of the competition.Besides the antivirus on payment, there are many other free antivirus, which although they do not have a database of virus as wide as the others, offer excellent protection against many viruses circulating on the network.
Anyway, we choose a professional antivirus or one free, the important thing is that our computer has one of these programs, since it will always be better than not having any protection system.

We are even more confident under the watch of two antivirus, though before we venture, we must inform us of the incompatibilities with other brands.

What we must never do is to have more than one active antivirus, since we could have serious problems of security and even hang the computer.

These are some addresses of antivirus programs where we can analyze our online team, test them, and if you are satisfied to buy them:

  • Trend micro
  • Bit Defender
  • Kaspersky
  • Norton
  • McAfee
  • Panda
  • AVG Antivirus
  • Clam Win

2. a firewall or Firewall.
When a computer accesses the Internet communicates through a “door” called connection ports. There are 65,535 channels where data may leave or enter on our computer, so that someone can try an intrusion by any of those ports. In reality is not so easy intrusion because if we try to access a computer by a port and this is not listening (listening), it will be impossible. But Windows by default opens several ports that let our very vulnerable computers.

A good firewall should close all ports that are not in use and prevent any connection through them. This ensures a lot our security.
Unlike in the antivirus, should never install two firewalls at the same time. The interference between the two can cause involuntary opening of ports that would make your computer more insecure.

Two examples of good firewalls are ZoneAlarm and Tiny, Norton, Panda, and Mcafee mentioned above. 

Operation of a Firewall

A firewall is a mechanism based on software or hardware that is placed between two networks, usually between a LAN and the Internet, and allow certain connections and blocks others following a previously configured rules.
Firewalls as I’ve said before, can be a special program that is installed on a PC, or a device that performs that function or hardware that can come even implemented in certain devices such as Routers.
Personal such as Zone Alarm, Tiny and BlackICE firewalls, are Software-based Firewalls but that only protect the machine that has it installed. They are designed for small networks or individual users.
On a personal level or a small organization, if these programmes are complemented with other types of software such as an anti-virus, we would get a more than acceptable safety level.

Actually, all have the same purpose, which is to block certain types of traffic on the network that is considered inappropriate.Despite that, there are two ways to block this traffic, filtering at the network layer or application layer:

1. a network layer firewall filter packets based on pre-defined rules that indicate directions destination or origin and a port number.

2. a firewall based on an application, acts as a Proxy and prevents the traffic between two networks, but allows certain applications within the network to be accessible to certain software from the outside.

If we want to see a Firewall running, this link is a video that shows the operation of the network and how the Firewall accepts or rejects packets that arrive as rules are established. Video Firewall
3. an antispyware

Spyware is a software spy created in order to collect information from the user who has it installed and, in most cases, this user is aware of what is happening.
There are several types of spyware, so we can call them according to the function that performs its malicious code:

-Adware : open windows (popups) that displays advertising while you launch applications.

-Spyware : small program that is installed on our computer to steal our data and spy on our movements online, collecting data about the websites that we visit.

-Hijackers : program that Internet browser redirects to sites of your choice kidnapping home or our browser search page.

-Dialers : program able to modify the phone number with which we connect to our ISP (Internet service provider) so let’s call a premium rate phone number further with the cost of that. (906; 806; 807; etc).

Some are automatically installed without our consent, are not qualified as a virus but invade our privacy and are threatening the stability of the system and especially the functioning of the browser or e-mail client in the majority of cases, and they may even collect information about us and our PC. Others are installed when you download extras for our browser like for example toolbars (additional toolbars).

There are certain programs that can gather information on our browsing habits to develop complex statistics of consumption, usually for commercial purposes.
The solution to get rid of those programs that we sometimes collect involuntarily when we install a freeware program, is to install an anti-spyware on your computer.

There are some antivirus on the market that also detect and eliminate spyware as such PER Antivirusprogrammes, in addition to also update your virus database, it updated the spywares and adware, giving us the option to delete them if you so wish it.

There are many programs that eliminate spyware, many of them specific to any of them, but it is ideal to complement our antivirus program, anti-spyware as Ad-aware or SpyBot Search & Destroy, even it would be convenient to have installed the 2, since there are times that what one is not able to eliminate, the other that may, also not give each other problems as it happened with the antivirus and its interface can put in Castilian.

4. a program to delete traces on the Internet.

To get information of our teams, it is not necessary to be installed any spyware, simply by visiting certain Web sites that are in your Java code, JavaScript or other languages such as these that have very powerful tools for our data.

Among other things, you can get data as our IP, the type of browser used, the operating system that we have, our e-mail addresses, how many pages we have visited before arriving at the page that US spy, the direction of at least the last of these pages, the number of bits of secret key for encryption using SSL (Protocol which allows for encrypted and secure information through the network transmission) , the type of monitor used, the name of the computer, if it belongs to a corporate network or not, etc.

If you know our email can use it to send spam (unsolicited advertising) massively. In addition, many users matched his address of electronic mail or the name of your PC with your real name, so this way could get to know our address, phone etc.
Some pages have been able to obtain passwords and other relevant data simply stealing the cookies(documento de texto en el que se almacenan nuestras preferencias sobre ciertas webs y sobre la conexión) stored on our hard drive.

To avoid this, it is convenient to browse through a Proxy or a specific program that would prevent all this. If you are using a Proxy, we can have problems because they are very unstable, slow connections, and sometimes we will not have the necessary permissions to use them.

An option could be to use an anonimizador of navigation as Anonymizer. This program is paid, but you can use it in its free version, but we will be very limited because there will be pages that we can not access.

Another very interesting to navigate safe program is Proxomitron , which eliminates malicious HTML preventing inter alia the appearance annoying windows pop ups, the execution of worms via the Web, and best of all is you don’t need to install, so it will not touch nothing of our team or registry settings.

5. a program that monitors the ports.

When access to the Internet on our computer open connections with the outside, and these in turn are set by a particular port each.
Knowing the ports of each application, we notice any anomaly immediately, because when we infected ourselves with a Trojan, this should open the corresponding port and would know it because the program that monitors the ports we warn.
In this link we can see a list of ports in which they explain how to know if we have any Trojan on your computer and a list of the ports most commonly used by Trojans.
These programs can show us the IP of the attacker, to thus be able to prevent that our team can connect to that address via firewall rules or in this same program.
In addition we could know where are servers of the Web pages that you visit and the type of connection you establish with our computers, so we would have controlled virtually 100% of Internet traffic.

An interesting program of this type is Visualookout, although there are many programs similar to this. 

Most common attack types

Below you will find a list with the most common attacks to which we face daily on the Internet ordered by types:

Scan (search):

The scan, as a method of discovering channels of communication that can be exploited, has long been in use. The idea is to scan many ports of listening as possible, and save those who are susceptible or utility for each need information in particular.
There are different types of Scanning techniques, ports and protocols exploited:

  • TCP connect scanning: basic form of scanning TCP ports to find open ports for those who enter.
  • TCP SYN scanning: simulates a connection client/server that is sent in a SYN packet, if you receive a response, cut communication and register that as open port. 
  • TCP FIN Scanning – Stealth Port Scanning: similar to the previous but more clandestine.
  • Fragmentation scanning: modification of the above, but fragmented packets.
  • Eavesdropping-packet snnifing: intercepts packets on the network without modifying them to, for example, find out passwords.
  • Snooping downlading: same as above, but also intercepts files that can be downloaded.

Attacks of authentication:

This type of attack aims to deceive the victim system for entering it, so the attacker makes impersonation. This deception is usually done taking the sessions established by the victim or obtaining your user name and password.

  • Spoofing-Looping: consists of impersonating another person then take actions on your behalf. There are several types as the spoofing of IP, DNS, WEB etc.
  • Web Spoofing (phishing): the attacker creates a fake Web site similar to the original, allowing to find out from data of the victim until banks keys.
  • IP Splicing-Hijacking: consists of an authorized user to impersonate when this is identified.
  • Use of BackDoors: allows to bypass normal authentication methods.
  • Use of Exploits: leverage hardware or software failures to enter the system.
  • Obtaining Passwords: obtaining passwords by trial and error or by programs that use a few dictionaries with millions of keys that are trying to find the correct key.
Denial of service (DOS):

Existing protocols were currently designed to be used in an open community and a relationship of mutual trust. The reality shows that it is easier to disrupt the functioning of a system that access it; Thus the denial of service attacks aim to saturate the victim resources so that the services provided by it will be disabled.

  • Jamming or Flooding: disabled or saturates the resources of the system, such as memory, disk, etc.
  • Syn Flood: a connection is established, so that the equipment remains of contestation of the hostile crew, which slows down the system.
  • Connection Flood: makes the connection limit is exceeded, leaving hanging on the Internet server.
  • Net Flood: saturates the line with malicious traffic, preventing from the useful network traffic.
  • Land Attack: is to send a packet with the address and port of origin equal to the target, so the system just hanging.
  • Supernuke or Winnuke: shipping of packages handled a range of ports 137-139 which makes the computer hangs.
  • Teardrop I and II-Newtear-Bonk-Boink: prevents that the fragments that form a package, can build successfully doing that I will saturate the system.
  • E-Mail Bombing-Spamming: first, to saturate a mail account for the massive sending of a same message, and spamming is making a massive sending of an email to thousands of users without their consent.
Modificacion-dano attacks:
  • Tampering or Data step: unauthorized modification of the data or software installed on the victim system, including the deletion of files.
  • Deletion of traces: consists of removing all of the tasks made by the intruder in the system so that it is located.
  • Attacks using Java Applets: takes advantage of the java virtual machine security flaws to launch attacks.
  • Attacks using JavaScript and VBscript: is used for, for example, to send emails without the knowledge of the user, reading directories, files, see the history of pages visited etc.
  • Attacks via ActiveX: manipulate the code of certain browsers, this will not ask for confirmation to the user to download another active control of Internet, so can insert malicious code.
  • Attacks by vulnerabilities in browsers: allows access to the buffer of the team and run programs like for example format.com.
Exploitation of errors of design, implementation, and operation:

Many systems are exposed to “” security holes which are used to access files, passwords, or obtain privileges. These vulnerabilities are caused by programming errors in software applications, operating systems, network protocols, browsers, Internet, email, etc.

Recommendations to prevent the spread of viruses and spyware

( 1) have always active program antivirus and anti-spyware; It is advisable not to rely on one single, but use more than one doesn’t mean we should have them all installed, simply run these antivirus and antispyware in your choice of scan, on the folder that contains the files to review.

( 2) just as important to have the antivirus installed is to have it upgraded to the maximum. Currently, the updates are daily in most of the programmes, or at least weekly, so if the antivirus we have not updated with a maximum week rate, best would change us to another that has daily updates or more weekly.
The same goes for an antispyware program, have the most up-to-date possible, since thus correcting security holes that can compromise our security.
Many worms now have success due to the laziness of the users to update their programs, so a sense of continuous renewal of programs of our computers, especially those more delicate as browsers, operating systems, P2P clients and others, is basic to be sure.

( 3) not open any message or file received via email from unknown or little known sources. In the case of known people, proper precautions should be taken also. Sure with that person’s shipping, and never run them before the antivirus updated these files.Doubt, you must simply choose to delete the message and attachments.

( 4) be informed of how viruses operate, and updates on these, alerts and announcements critical, on the Web page of the antivirus you have installed or on the address:

( 5) not to download anything from Web sites which will not have serious references, or that they are not moderately known. And if files are downloaded, we must do as with attachments, examine them with antivirus before running them or download them.

( 6) try several antivirus, firewalls, antispyware etc., downloading version trial (trial version), which usually lasts between 15 and 30 days, with what we can try several before deciding to us for purchasing which best suits our needs.
Tell us about its ease of use and configuration, support aftermarket, performance and features. Find users of those programs that provide us with their views on this or other similar programs. The best thing we can do is to sail in a forum dedicated to safety or in the own enterprise program, where you can read important operational details of the people who use it. They even answer the questions we do them, and we will see the advantages and disadvantages of the users themselves.


Myth: Everyone wants to live in the United States

At least one person besides me, not living with mad desire waiting for the time when you can move to the United States. I met him today.

Finally I got my first check in college (because this sour pineapple my people) and went today to open my first bank account in Canada. Unfortunately, having a US passport, everyone joins me gringos. I try to always make a difference, but to explain the complicated colonial relationship Puerto Rico is not something that comes easily in casual conversation.

The boy who greeted me at the bank, a native of India, asked me directly if I liked Canada United States. When you say yes, I gave passage to be unburdened. He started talking about how he did not like the United States and as he had 3 brothers who lived there and went badly with health insurance because they had no money to have a good insurance.He also told me how she felt very conscious of their skin color every time I went to visit his brothers; told me that in five days in the United States felt discomfort with your skin has not felt in seven years living in Canada.

Apart from his tirade, he was most curious to me was a story that made me. According to him, one of those times you went to visit his brothers and went through the border, a guard asked him if he had plans to stay in the United States, to which he replied, ‘Are you crazy? What will I do in America? No sir. I live in a wonderful country called Canada. There is nothing for me in America. “He says the guard was surprised but that he did not give any shame left him well because, after all, your home is in Canada.

Perhaps his vision of Canada is flawed, like that of thousands of immigrants from developing countries who go to a developed country and found some advantages that they had in their native places. However, this is a person who can compare directly their experiences with those of their brethren who live across the border. And at least as to what skin, I can support him because at no point, though I have little time here, I have been “self conscious” of my brown skin or my Hispanic name. However, while I lived in Tennessee, the discomfort in my skin and in my name were constant throughout the year and a half that I was there.